Reasons to Believe

Orange County (CA) Chapter

Orange County Chapter Meeting Location:

EV Free Fullerton
2801 Brea Blvd  Fullerton, CA 92835

Chapter Officers

Chapter President Membership Captain Administrative Captain Apologetics Captain Other Captain
Virgil Robertson John Doe Jane Smith Joe Blow Michael Smith

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Welcome to the Orange County Chapter of Reasons To Believe.

The chapter exists to fulfill Great Commission by establishing a dialogue with non-believers, removing the doubts of skeptics and strengthening the faith of believers. Today, science in nearly every field of study, is pointing to finely tuned Intelligent Design creating an open door to introduce people to the confirming truths in the Bible and to the Creator, Jesus Christ. Our goal is to equip believers with new reasons to believe so that individuals that are skeptical can be shown that the Author of creation and the Bible is one and the same.

Many people are seeking answers to life’s fundamental questions: Why am I here? How can I be significant in the expanse of the universe? What is the purpose of life on earth? We endeavor to show individuals that there is hope, purpose and destiny. We provide scientific, historical and philosophical evidence that supports the Christian worldview and helps remove the barriers to belief in God, the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The distinctions of the Orange County Chapter are that...

We look forward to your partnership with us in our endeavor.


Virgil Robertson
Orange County Chapter President