Reasons to Believe

Rochester, New York Chapter

RTB Rochester, NY Chapter:
Calvary Assembly
3429 Chili Ave.
Rochester, NY 14624

Situated between Lake Ontario and western New York’s unique Finger Lakes region, Rochester has been a major city since the Erie Canal’s construction in the early 1800s. The city later gained fame as the birthplace of Kodak, Xerox, and Bausch + Lomb. Today the city is home to many colleges and universities, well-known medical centers, and high-tech R&D companies. The region is also known for its agricultural products, as well as many beautiful natural areas.

The RTB Rochester Chapter seeks to make known the harmony between God’s world and His words in the Bible by demonstrating that sound reason and scientific research support the case for faith in Jesus Christ. Our constituency includes informal small groups in several locations, including the Perry and Buffalo areas. We meet monthly for discussion, education, and fellowship. We welcome all—whether believer, questioner, or skeptic—to join us.

Chapter Officers

Chapter President Promotion Coordinator
Jim Reeverts Virginia Peterson

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