Reasons to Believe


Reasons To Believe (RTB) Chapters exist to connect the ministry of RTB with communities around the world, uplifting and equipping fellow believers for productive dialogue that invites doubters and skeptics to follow Jesus Christ.

As part of our vision for increasing the ministry’s evangelistic impact, Chapters play a vital role in introducing RTB and its resources to local communities. They provide a forum in which these resources can enhance the spiritual growth and personal outreach of every member.


Getting Started

1. Contact RTB’s Chapter Manager, Bryan Rohrenbacher, at to let us know of your interest in forming a local chapter.

2. Read through the Chapter Guidelines for full details on what it takes to launch and sustain a chapter in your area.

3. Find others who are ready and willing to serve alongside you as part of the launch and ongoing chapter leadership team.

4. Prayerfully request, fill out, and submit a Chapter Application Form, which includes RTB’s Statement of Faith.

5. Once your application is approved and the Statement of Faith signed, you’re ready to set up your web page, build an invitation list, and prepare for lift-off. Bryan and your fellow RTB chapter leaders will assist you all the way.

Meetings with Purpose

The goal for chapters is to create a community that will encourage and equip participants. Here are a few ideas:

  • study, as a group, RTB’s unique faith-and-science apologetics resources
  • discuss new ways to introduce nonbelievers to reasons for faith in Jesus Christ as Creator and Savior
  • invite and welcome new participants