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Apologia Podcast

Apologia is a family of premier podcasts where the latest scientific discoveries are discussed in context of their apologetic significance to the Christian faith.

What is Ex Libris?
Ex Libris (from the library of) allows the RTB scholar team to address a generally educated or engaged audience—people who already have an interest in science-faith apologetics—in a way that illuminates the apologetic value of headline discoveries. This podcast complements the scholars’ ongoing engagement on social media.

What is Scientifica?
Scientifica is a bimonthly update from the scholars on
• the apologetic value of discoveries buried deep in scientific journals
• books, articles, and other projects they are working on
• their recent speaking events and outreach efforts
• questions and discussions from RTB’s social media outlets

Monthly Partnership

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MPM Archive

The MPM archive includes 12 years of exclusive audio content—talks, lectures, conference sessions, and more—from the RTB scholar team.