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Metaphors of Atonement

Every Easter we give thanks for God’s remedy for sin: Jesus’ atoning work on the cross and glorious resurrection from the dead. His death in our place bridged the gap between humans and our Creator, a gap that formed in the Garden of Eden. Here we offer resources that examine what the Scriptures say about Christ’s incredible sacrifice.

Featured Audio Recording

In "Metaphors of the Atonement," philosopher/theologian Kenneth Samples discusses the Bible’s metaphorical language for the Atonement. Download this free recording here.

Featured Publication

In the March/April edition of Reasons newsletter, theologian Krista Bontrager addresses the issue of animal death and its relationship to the Atonement doctrine. To begin receiving Reasons, RTB’s free bimonthly newsletter, in the mail, please call ministry care at (626) 335-1480.