Reasons to Believe

Impact Events: The Universe

Digging Deeper

Each lesson in this Impact Events study offers a brief overview of our universe from a science-faith perspective. The articles, podcasts, and videos below can help you dig deeper as you continue to learn about God’s creation and, specifically, the universe.

1. Just how big is the universe?
     •  "More than 100 Billion Planets in our Galaxy?" (podcast)
     •  "Confirming Cosmic Expansion, Part 1 (of 4)" (article)

2. The Big Bang
     •  RTB 101: Big Bang (web page)
     •  Through the Lens: "The Bible and the Big Bang" (video)

3. Star Formation
     •  TNRTB Classic: "A Sun Designed for Humans" (article)
     •  "A New Kind of Star Solves an Old Problem" (article)

4. Galaxy Collision
     •  "Design of Galaxy Collisions" (article)
     •  "Galaxy Cluster Collision Throws a Dark Matter Curve Ball" (podcast)

5. Dark Energy
     •  "Honing in on Dark Energy Design" (article)
     •  "Dark Matter explanation; The speed of electrons; Multiverse: Science fact or fiction?" (podcast)


Links to figures and images

Figure 1: Hubble Ultra Deep Field
Figure 2: Hubble Space Telescope; School Bus, CREDIT:
Figure 3: WMAP all-sky image; COBE all-sky image
Figure 4: WMAP Spacecraft
Figure 5: A Stack of Stones Near the Water
Figure 6: Pillars of Creation
Figure 7: Jenny and Leah Hultgren 2007, CREDIT: Ken Hultgren
Figure 8: Hickson Compact Group 87
Figure 9: Galaxy Cluster
Figure 10: Universe Timeline
Figure 11: NOTW


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