Reasons to Believe

Impact Events: The Solar System

Digging Deeper

Each lesson in this Impact Events study offers a brief overview of our solar system from a science-faith perspective. The articles, podcasts, and videos below can help you dig deeper as you continue to learn about God’s creation and, specifically, our solar system.

1. Big Brother Planets
     •  "Thank God for Jupiter" (article)
     •  "Mercury's Bombardments Reveal Earth's Habitability" (article)

2. The Earth and the Moon
     •  "Big Collision, Beautiful Moon" (article)
     •  "Follow that star; When was the earth ‘Moon'ed?; Take Cain's wife...please; RTB's flood model" (podcast)

3. The Mars Rover
     •  "Can Humans Hibernate on a Trip to Mars?" (article)
     •  "Mars Research Reinforces Creation Model" (article)

4. The Sun
     •  Through the Lens: "The Right Sun" (video)
     •  "Sun's Stable Fluctuations" (article)

5. Habitability Zone
     •  "Planet Habitability Requires a Lifetime of Fine-Tuning" (article)
     •  Through the Lens: "Habitable Zones" (video)


Links to figures and images

Figure 1: Jupiter Showing SL9 Impact Sites
Figure 2: Meteor Crater
Figure 3: Planetary Smash-Up
Figure 4: The Earth and Moon
Figure 5: Spirit Lookout L256t-A413R1
Figure 6: Mars Artwork
Figure 7: Solar Flare
Figure 8: SOHO Observatory
Figure 9: Habitability Zone
Figure 10: Men at Campfire
Lesson 6: Mad Scientist
              Dr. Dave Rogstad


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