Reasons to Believe

Impact Events: The Earth

Digging Deeper

Open the gift of salvation

Each lesson in this Impact Events study offers a brief overview of the history of life on Earth from a science-faith perspective. The articles, podcasts, and videos below can help you dig deeper as you continue to learn about God's intimate involvement in creation.

1. The Cambrian Explosion
     •  Through the Lens: "Sudden Appearance of Fossils" (video)
     •  "Cambrian Explosion Brings Burst of Evidence for Creation" (article)

2. Dinosaurs
     •  "The Dinosaurs" (video)
     •  TNRTB Classic: "Dinosaur Extinction" (article)

3. The "Cultural Big Bang"
     •  "Ubiquitous Cave Art" (article)
     •  Through the Lens: "Hominids and Neanderthals" (video)

4. Eye Design
     •  "Optical Illusion Reveals the Reality of Design" (podcast)
     •  "Optical Illusion Exposes Reality of Design" (article)

5. Life on Other Planets
     •  "Is ET Dissing Us?" (podcast)
     •  "Signatures of Life on an Exoplanet" (article)


Links to figures and images

Figure 1: Cambrian explosion, CREDIT: Hugh Ross
Figure 2: Linnaeus chart
Figure 3: Dinosaurs, CREDIT:
Figure 4: Altamira bison
Figure 5: Eye macro, CREDIT:
Figure 6: The retina, CREDIT: Phil Chien
Figure 7: Binary star system

Page 7: Hugh Ross with a Cambrian Fossil, CREDIT: Hugh Ross
Page 9: Nativity in St. Peter’s Church
Page 13: Meteor, CREDIT:
Page 18: Hominid skulls, CREDIT:
Page 25: Solar Cell, CREDIT:
Page 28: Statue of Peter
Page 30: Radio Telescopes
Page 33: Worried Student, CREDIT:
Page 34: In God we trust
Page 35: Mark Ritter, CREDIT: Mark Ritter


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