Reasons to Believe

Impact Events: The Earth

Digging Deeper

Each lesson in this Impact Events study offers a brief overview of our Earth from a science-faith perspective. The articles, podcasts, and videos below can help you dig deeper as you continue to learn about God's creation and, specifically, our Earth.

1. Volcanoes
     •  "Ancient Volcanoes Perfect for Early Life?" (video)
     •  "Why Would God Allow Natural Disasters?" (article)

2. Earth's Magnetic Field
     •  "Earth's Magnetic Field Designed" (article)

3. Water
     •  "Thankful for the Water Cycle" (podcast)
     •  "Water, Water, Everywhere..." (article)

4. The Atmosphere
     •  "Fine-tuning in Earth's Atmosphere Via Meteoroids" (podcast)
     •  "Increases in Oxygen Prepare Earth for Complex Life" (article)

5. Plate Tectonics
     •  "Subduction Design" (article)
     •  "Some Like It Hot—Especially the Continents" (article)


Links to figures and images

Figure 1: Erupting Volcano
Figure 2: Ash-Covered Truck, Mount Saint Helens
Figure 3: Aurora
Figure 4: Earth’s Magnetic Field
Figure 5: Mariner’s Compass
Figure 6: Sanderson Hope Iceberg
Figure 7: Top of the Atmosphere
Figure 8: Everest

Page 6: Mount Redoubt Eruption
Page 8: Umbrella Man, CREDIT:
Page 14: GPS Reading
Page 16: Lions
              Danger Sign, CREDIT:
Page 18: Hands and Rain
Page 21: Man and Woman, CREDIT:
Page 25: Spitzer Space Telescope
Page 30: Shoreline, CREDIT: Hugh Ross
Page 31: Hiking, CREDIT: Hugh Ross
Page 35: Dice, CREDIT: Stephen Vanhorn
              Patrick McGuire, CREDIT: Patrick McGuire


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