Reasons to Believe

Impact Events: The Cell

Digging Deeper

Each lesson in this Impact Events study offers a brief overview of our Earth from a science-faith perspective. The articles, podcasts, and videos below can help you dig deeper as you continue to learn about God's creation and, specifically, the cell.

1. Single-Celled Life’s Complex Beginning
     •  "How Did God Create the First Life on Earth?" (article)
     •  "An Argument for Panspermia?" (podcast)

2. Genetic Reliability
     •  "The Genetic Code: Simply the Best" (article)
     •  "The Role of Engineering in Science Faith Dialogues Part 1" (video)

3. Humanity’s One-of-a-Kind DNA
     •  "Yet Another Genetic Difference between Humans and Chimpanzees" (article)
     •  "Bible and Brains Explain Human-Chimp Similarities" (article)

4. Junk DNA Not So Junky
     •  "A Couple of Tasty Morsels" (article)
     •  "Junk DNA Shows Evidence for Biochemical Design Once Again" (podcast)

5. Creating Life in the Lab
     •  "Synthetic Biology" (video)
     •  "Artificial DNA, Actual Design" (article)


Links to figures and images

Figure 1: Giant meteors from space crashing Earth
Figure 2: Scion FR-S
Figure 3: DNA molecule
Figure 4: Junk DNA
Figure 5: Artificial insemination


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