Reasons to Believe

Future Faith Challenges Bonus

Now available for download, bonus material from the 2011 Alaska Cruise Conference: Future Faith Challenges include the Q&A discussion from each breakout session and video of the I Didn’t Know That! podcast recorded live during the conference.

Q&A from the breakout sessions: (audio)

Jeff Zweerink –
Global Warming

Ken Samples –
Historic Christianity’s Dangerous Ideas

Fuz Rana –
Creating Life in the Lab

Hugh Ross –
Hidden Treasures in
the Book of Job



I Didn’t Know That! podcast: (video)

Watch as I Didn’t Know That! podcast host, Joe Aguirre, along with RTB scholars Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana, Jeff Zweerink, and Kenneth Samples, discuss questions aboard RTB’s Future Faith Challenges cruise. Also included is a guest appearance by “Stump the Scholar” specialist Beth.


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