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Confirmation of WMAP Cosmology Results

By Hugh Ross - March 9, 2007

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A team of international scientists’ reanalysis of the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) data has confirmed its cosmological results, thus solidifying the scientific grounding of RTB’s cosmic creation model. One hallmark of the scientific process is the relentless testing and verification (or falsification) of previous work. In that spirit, a team of scientists independent of the WMAP project reanalyzed the three-year data release using multiple methods. In each case, the results corroborated those published by the WMAP project scientists. Such thorough and extensive testing and verification means the scientific community can confidently trust the current model of the cosmos. This model includes numerous aspects, such as the intricately tuned space-energy density, that RTB’s model attributes to the work of a supernatural Creator fashioning a universe capable of supporting advanced life.

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