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Design in Supernovae and Bubbles

By Hugh Ross - January 22, 2007

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European scientists’ research of the immediate vicinity of the solar system provides evidence of the fine-tuning of Earth for human life. Astronomers have known for decades that the solar system currently resides in a low-density region known as the Local Bubble and that this decreased density appears beneficial for advanced life. The Local Bubble is a few hundred light years across with a density roughly one-tenth of normal interstellar space. A team of astronomers in Europe searched for the supernovae responsible for clearing out the Local Bubble and found a group of stars that seems to fit. They estimate that the Local Bubble began forming a few million years ago and that 15-20 different supernovae were responsible. The new research indicates that common but destructive-to-life processes were an integral part of ensuring Earth resided in a benign location in the galaxy. This fact comports well with RTB’s creation model, in which a supernatural Designer prepared Earth as a suitable habitat for humanity.

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