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Timing of Humanity Fine-tuned

By Hugh Ross - September 16, 2006

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New understanding of tiny airborne particles’ effects on cloud cover buttresses the prediction of RTB’s cosmic creation model for an optimal timing of humanity on Earth. The sun’s luminosity (energy output) has increased significantly since life’s introduction on Earth, and it will continue to increase in the future. Changes in the atmosphere have historically mediated an increase in Earth’s surface temperature by reducing greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide. However, the carbon dioxide content cannot decrease much further without dramatically affecting the quantity of biological life. Aerosols mitigate greenhouse warming by reflecting sunlight back into space, but they also produce much greater cloud cover. The past and future 100,000 years—humanity’s likely duration on Earth—correspond to the time of maximum biodiversity and atmospheric clarity. These findings support the idea of a super-caring Creator preparing an optimal habitat for humanity to fulfill its purposes on Earth.

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