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Dwarf Galaxies Show Fine Tuning

By Hugh Ross - January 13, 2006

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Recent studies of a nearby cluster of stars provide additional design evidence in the formation and history of the Milky Way Galaxy (MWG). Results from the study of the Canis Major cluster of stars indicate that this cluster is the remnant of a dwarf galaxy collision with the MWG. These collisions are significant because they enrich the supply of gas in the MWG and drive star formation, both of which are important for maintaining the galaxy’s spiral structure. However, the number of collisions and the size of the colliding galaxies must be fine-tuned to avoid the gravitational disruptions catastrophic to any life-supporting planetary systems. This fine-tuning is expected in RTB’s creation model, which posits that a supernatural Creator planned for the existence of a life-supporting planet such as Earth.

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