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More Evidence for Moon Impactor Event

By Hugh Ross - December 30, 2005

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Two British scientists have found additional evidence for the highly fine-tuned impact event that formed the Moon and enriched Earth with sufficient heavy metals to drive the long lasting plate tectonics necessary for life. Two different radioisotope systems (U-Pb and Hf-W) can be used to date the end of accretion that formed Earth, but the U-Pb system dates the formation a few tens of millions of years later than the Hf-W dates. However, the moon impactor event caused a number of changes in the interior of Earth that would have absorbed Pb into the core, thus resetting the U-Pb clock. When the dates for the moon impactor event and Pb core absorption are accounted for, the two radioisotope systems are in agreement. One characteristic of a good model is that anomalous results (such as the above discordant dates) are explained as more details are integrated into the model. These results increase the weight of evidence supporting RTB’s creation model.

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