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By Kenneth R. Samples - March 10, 2014

Last week, my colleague Krista Bontrager shared her insights into Son of God and the TV mini-series from which the film was derived. Whether or not you choose to see Son of God in theatres (or any of the other faith-based films coming out this year), movies like this can provide a window of opportunity to discuss Christ with others.

To help believers prepare for conversations, I offer this roundup of articles and podcasts centering on Jesus, His identity and life, and the salvation He offers. For skeptics, I’d recommend considering these resources as a way of better understanding the Christian worldview and engaging it on a deeper philosophical level.

Christ’s Identity

  • Thinking about the Incarnation: The Divine Word Became Flesh” (article) — At the heart of Christianity is the doctrine of the Incarnation, a truth-claim celebrated all over the world at Christmas. Here, I briefly explain the Incarnation and respond to critical and frequently asked questions about how God became flesh.
  • Creation Anticipated the Incarnation” (article) — Here, I discuss the Incarnation in light of the image of God (imago Dei) present in all humans. Could it be that by creating Adam and Eve in His image, that God was anticipating one day becoming human Himself to redeem us?
  • My Three Favorite Books on the Trinity” (article) — For those who want to dig deeper into Christ’s identity and the Trinity in general, I provide this recommended reading list.
  • What the Trinity Is and Isn’t” (podcast) — Though there is plentiful biblical evidence for the Trinity, it remains a source of contention for some believers. Two of my scientific colleagues join me in the effort to explain how the church inferred the Trinity from Scripture and address misunderstandings about this important doctrine.

The Resurrection

  • Five Strands of Evidence for Jesus Christ’s Resurrection” (article) — The truth of Christianity stands or falls on Christ’s resurrection. As hinted in the title, this article presents five evidences that support this unique Christian truth-claim.
  • Not All Dead Men Stay Dead: 10 Essential Points about the Resurrection” (article) —This list outlines important theological elements of Christ’s return from the dead.
  • “Resurrection: Critical Evaluation of Naturalistic Explanations” (podcast series) — Many people have attempted to debunk Christ’s resurrection through various naturalistic explanations. In this three-part series, I argue against the most popular alternatives to the Christian explanation for Jesus’s resurrection. See part 1, part 2, and part 3.

Salvation through Christ

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