Reasons to Believe

Contact Information and Speaking Requests

Thank you for your interest in learning more information about RTB events.

We hope to provide you with any and all information that we can about current or prospective events. If you have an interest in hosting an event at your church or organization, please send the following information to so we can begin processing the request.

  • Your church or organization's mission/purpose (please include website, if applicable)
  • Your preliminary vision for the event
  • The target audience
  • Date(s) requested (if any)
  • Your contact information (including phone number)

We look forward to serving you and making your event the best it can be.

For further information on current events or scheduling, please contact our events team:

Ken Hultgren, Director of Events -, (855) 732-7667, ext. 167.
Sarah Kim, Events Coordinator -, 855-732-7667, ext. 121.
Christopher Spolar, Events and Promotions Coordinator -, (855) 732-7667, ext. 112.

For media inquiries, please email Anastasia Young at or call (855) 732-7667 ext. 154.