Reasons to Believe

Audit a Course

Students desiring to audit this course for personal development are welcome to do so.

Reasons Institute makes university-level courses available to anyone who has the desire to learn. No specific educational prerequisites are required. However, it should be understood that because these are often graduate level seminars, the content they contain is of a high academic level.

Audit students are given access to all course materials, and may participate in group discussions and any other learning activities (readings, discussions, assignments, etc.). There are no prerequisites to audit a course. Audit courses offer no college credit and cannot be upgraded for college credit at a later time.

Students who audit the course are asked to do the following:

  • Listen to lectures and videos,

  • Read textbooks and articles,

  • Participate in weekly threaded discussions with other students.

Study questions, research papers, and video reports are optional.

Students who audit a course in order to remain their "active" status as a RTB Volunteer Apologist are required to do all of the assignments above, plus:

  • Answer all study questions,

  • Submit one short paper (e.g. video report, book review),

  • Take the final exam.

Audit tuition for 8 week courses - $150 per course + materials

Audit tuition for 15 week courses - $200 per course + materials

For more information about Reasons Institute courses, contact our office at (800) 482-7836 or email

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