Reasons to Believe

Reasons Institute

Reasons Institute is the premiere content provider of science apologetics courses. Our aim is to equip God’s people with cutting-edge reasons to believe in the God of the Bible, so they may be strengthened in their faith and empowered to engage scientists, skeptics and atheists.

We offer four different educational tracks.


To ensure that all Christians have access to quality educational material in science apologetics, Reasons Institute offers three different options to equip you for ministry.
  • FREE: Access highlights to selected course material free of charge. Just listen and enjoy.
  • LISTEN AND LEARN: These courses offer a sampling of our traditional Reasons Institute courses. No textbooks. No written assignments. Just download to your computer or mobile device, listen and enjoy.
  • AUDIT: All students are welcome to register to audit any of our formal Reasons Institute courses. Students can be as involved as much, or as little, as they want.
  • CEUs: Enroll in our courses offered through our Continuing Education Units program. These courses are self-paced and do not require any written or reading assignments. You don't need to be a teacher in order to access this material. It's available to everyone.


Reasons Institute also offers a certificate program in science apologetics. This program is open to anyone who wants to be prepared to bring the Gospel to scientists and skeptics but without going through a formal degree program. This track opens the door to join RTB's Apologetics Community.


Reasons Institute is bringing the powerful insights of our testable creation model approach to the classroom. We have partnered with ACSI to offer continuing education units (CEUs) in Bible to teachers and administrators.
These courses are also available to Ratio Christi chapter members and campus directors. No written assignments. Just listen and get equipped for more effective outreach.


Reasons Institute has built partnerships with prominent schools of ministry to help equip the next generation of Christian leaders with the latest scientific discoveries that support the reliability of the Bible.