Reasons to Believe

Other Resources

In addition to "Good Science, Good Faith," Reasons To Believe offers several other educational options that might be of interest to parents and teachers.

The Bigger Picture on Creation

This small group Bible study is an abbreviated version of the "Good Science, Good Faith" course. It could easily be used in a co-op or youth group situation. Showing the documentary, Dual Revelation, is a good way to kick off this study.

Educator's Help Desk

Reasons To Believe offers a growing array of resources for classroom educators and homeschool parents to help equip their students respond to science-faith questions.

Through the Lens

Through the Lens is a series of supplemental science videos focused on addressing the issues your student will tackle in the course of their scientific studies.

Impact Events

This series of student devotionals offer very brief discussions about science topics issues with biblical application.

Reasons Institute

High school students with a high interest in science are welcome to take Reasons Institute courses. If you want to take a Reasons Institute course, visit the Reasons Institute site for a complete list of courses and enrollment information. For more information, call (800) 482-7836 or email us at