Reasons to Believe

Course Description

High School Science Apologetics

Reasons To Believe's year-long elective, Good Science, Good Faith, combines what students have learned in their science textbooks with the best biblical research.

This short (90-second) video tour provides a helpful overview of the course and how it works.

The first half of the course lays the biblical foundation for integrating the Bible with modern science, while the second half explores the differences between the worldviews of creation and naturalism.

Preview excerpts from the Good Science, Good Faith Student Workbook:

Because Good Science, Good Faith is based on RTB's cutting-edge research, the information students receive is reliable and up-to-date. This program will enhance and augment your efforts to show, with confidence, how the Bible and science fit together. This course could be the most crucial to your child’s spiritual and academic future.

This extended 22-minute homeschool worshop gives more details about the program.