Reasons to Believe

Technical Requirements

Reasons Academy makes use of the latest technology in its distance-learning opportunities.

Students can access the lesson materials from the comfort of their own home computer any time of the day or night. There are no specific times students must be “in class,” thus students can adapt these courses to fit comfortably into their schedule.

All students must have the following in order to complete the "Good Science, Good Faith" course:

  • the ability to play .mp3 files on a computer (test your computer here)
  • the ability to open and print PDF files (test your computer here)
  • the ability to create .doc or .docx files using word processing software
  • the ability to view Region 1 DVDs

A word to international students: In order to access all of the course elements, you'll need to be able to play Region 1 DVDs.The videos produced by Reasons To Believe are Region 0 and should be accessible by all DVD players. Some of the commercially produced videos (such as the Discovery Channel) are restricted to Region 1 DVD players. Some of these are playable on the computer, however, while others are not. We will do our best to make sure you have access to these programs, but cannot guarantee you'll be able to play every video.