Reasons to Believe


All of the instructors involved with Reasons Institute are accomplished scholars. They also share a common conviction that the Bible is the error-free word of God, believe in Jesus Christ as their Creator and Savior, and adhere to RTB's Statement of Faith.

RTB Staff Scholars

  • Hugh Ross, Ph.D. in astronomy, University of Toronto
  • David Rogstad, Ph.D. in physics, CalTech

Dean of Online Learning

  • Krista Bontrager - Krista is the primary course writer for Reasons Institute and oversees the Online Instructors. M.A. in theology; M.A. in Bible Exposition, Talbot School of Theology.

Adjunct Instructors

  • Erica Carlson, Ph.D. in physics, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • Patrick McGuire, M.S. in mechanical engineering, University of New Mexico