Reasons to Believe

Through the Lens

Through the Lens is a series of supplemental science videos focused on addressing the issues your student will tackle in the course of their scientific studies.

These videos can be used to supplement traditional science textbooks and provide a starting point for discussions with students about science-faith issues. They are designed to be used by homeschoolers and classroom educators.


Dr. Jeff Zweerink addresses scientific discoveries that are often presented as challenges to the Christian faith.

  • "The Big Bang and the Bible" SD | HD
  • "Fine-Tuning of the Universe" – Coming soon!
  • "Fine-Tuning of the Space-Time Dimensions" – Coming soon!
  • "The Right Sun" SD | HD
  • "4 Ways to Find an Exoplanet" – SD | HD
  • "Habitable Zones" SD | HD
  • "Searching for Other Earths" SD | HD
  • "Gas Giants" SD | HD
  • "What Is the Multiverse?" SD | HD

More on astronomy – Our friends at the John Ankerberg show have posted a number of short clips featuring Dr. Hugh Ross explaining various aspects of astronomical design on their YouTube channel. Start at around clip 77.


Dr. Fazale "Fuz" Rana equips Christian students to respond to the most common concerns about biological evolution.

  • "What Is Evolution?" SD | HD
  • "Microevolution" SD | HD
  • "The Origin of Life" SD | HD