Reasons to Believe

Monthly Partners

A personal invitation from

Dr. Hugh Ross

RTB has been blessed by a faithful group of supporters who stand with us through their commitment to the ministry each month. Over the years, this group of supporters has become the very foundation of our ability to minister effectively.

Having the consistent and dependable support of our Monthly Partners allows RTB to plan ministry in a more effective manner and keep us on track to financially meet the recurring expenses of our outreach efforts.

I invite you to become a part of this special group today so you can start receiving the benefits we have created to express our gratitude for the faithful commitment of our Monthly Partners.

Yours for His Kingdom,

Hugh Ross

Become a Monthly Partner Today!

Please look below to view the Partnership Levels

By using the slider below, you can view the three Monthly Partnership levels to determine which level best fits your finances. Each level offers varying Reasons To Believe resources and benefits that you will receive as a thank-you for your partnership. Your monthly donation will be automatically deducted on the same date each month of the first Monthly Partners gift.

Star Partners

Monthly donation of $10 - $29

For your faithful monthly support, you will receive our Monthly Partners audio messages, Monthly Partners emails and other communications, RTB appreciation resources (5-6) throughout the year as featured, in Hugh Ross' monthly letter.

Nova Partners

Monthly donation of $30 - $99

For your faithful monthly support, you will receive Star benefits plus signed copies of: Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job book by Dr. Hugh Ross, Who's Afraid of the Multiverse? booklet by Dr. Jeff Zweerink.

Supernova Partners

Monthly donation of $100 - $249

In addition to the Star and Nova partnership benefits, as a Supernova partner you will also receive signed copies of: Creating Life in the Lab by Dr. Fazale Rana book and Christian Endgame book by Kenneth Samples.

Quasar Partners

Monthly donation of $250+

As a Quasar partner, you will receive the Star, Nova and Supernova partnership benefits, plus an RTB gift pack (includes: RTB tote bag, RTB sports bottle, and RTB notecards).

There is a $10 minimum for donations.

Donation Amount: $

  • Star Partnership
  • Nova Partnership
  • Supernova Partnership
  • Quasar Partnership