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Microsoft Word to Clean HTML Converter


This tool is specifically meant to format articles for publication on web based content management systems and text editors such as Wordpress and TinyMCE. The following instructions are guidelines to get the most out of this tool while writing your content within Microsoft Word.

  • Articles must be written in Microsoft Word and saved as "web page, filtered".
  • Metadatacan be included at the top of the article that will be pulled out of the content and displayed for easy lookup. These include the following:
    • Postdate = m-postdate:
    • Title = m-title:
    • Author = m-author:
    • Categories = m-categories:
    • Wordpress Categories = m-wpcategories:
    • Tags = m-tags:
    • Teaser = m-teaser:
    • Author Bio = m-bio:
  • Blockquotes can be added by surrounding a block of text with "BLOCKQUOTE" and "ENDBLOCKQUOTE" each on seperate lines.

Document Input (Microsoft Word "web page, filtered")

HTML Output