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What Can Evolution Do?
Creation Update #437
Air date: 10-07-2008
Dave Rogstad, Fuz Rana, and Ken Samples

  • Special Report
    • Report on Skeptics Conference and Debate at CalTech
  • Discovery
  • Theology
    • Metabolic Networks in the Cell
    • Call–in question
      • Roger from Portland, ME:
        • RATE Study Cogency
      • Kenny from Pensacola FL:
        • YEC Science vs. Bible
    • Interview
    • Call–in question
      • Roger from Portland ME:
        • Absolute Truth vs. Relative Truth

Creation Update #436
Science and Faith Interviews
Air date: 09-30-2008
Dave Rogstad, Jeff Zweerink, and Ken Samples

  • Interview
    • Dr Gary Loechelt on the RATE Study
  • Call–in question
    • Roger from Portland, ME:
      • RATE Study Cogency
    • Kenny from Pensacola FL:
      • YEC Science vs. Bible
  • Interview
  • Call–in question
    • Roger from Portland ME:
      • Absolute Truth vs. Relative Truth

Creation Update #435
Can Spaceships Travel Faster than Speed of Light?
Air date: 09-23-2008
Hugh Ross, Dave Rogstad, and Joe Aguirre

Creation Update #434
God is not Dead Yet
Air date: 09-09-2008
Hugh Ross, Dave Rogstad, Jeff Zweerink, and Ken Samples
·  Interview with Dr. William Lane Craig

·  Call–in questions

  • Joe from Farmville, VA:
    • Questions about Augustine's view of the millennium
  • Ron from Evansville IN:
    • What happened to Jesus's body when he went to heaven?
  • Ed from Des Moines, IA:
    • Questions about some philosophical arguments for the existence of God
  • Roger from Portland, ME:
    • Why did God create Hitler at all, or why did he create Hitler at that particular time?
    • How do atheists explain the existence of objective moral values and duties?
  • Rob from Boulder, CO:
    • Interpretation of the seventh day referred to in Hebrews 4:1–11

Creation Update #428
Toward a Sensible Approach to Global Warming
Air date: 07-22-2008
Hugh Ross, Ken Samples, Jeff Zweerink, and Joe Aguirre

May 1, 2008
Prime Time - Interview with Dr. Michael Behe
Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana, Kenneth Samples, and Joe Aguirre

  • Discussion about his new book, "The Edge of Evolution" and how it compares to his book, "Darwin's Black Box"

Creation Update #414
Searching for the Higgs Boson
Air date: 04-15-2008
Dave Rogstad, Jeff Zweerink, Ken Samples, and Joe Aguirre

  • Discoveries
    • Guest Dr. Michael Strauss discusses theological implications of upcoming particle physics experiments
      • Michael E. Peskin, "Song of the Electroweak Penguin," Nature 452 (March 20, 2008): 293-94.
      • Richard Ingham, "Greatest Experiment Ever in Particle Physics Nears Countdown," Yahoo! News March 24, 2008.
      • Resource:
      • The Creator and the Cosmos, 3rd ed., by Hugh Ross
      • Creation as Science, by Hugh Ross
  • Theology segment
    • Ken responds to the statement that "there's no point arguing science unless you're a scientist"
  • Call-in questions
    • Mark from Longmont, CO:
    • Cole from Fort Worth, TX:
      • Does quantum mechanics invalidate cause-and-effect? If so, is it self-defeating?
    • Roger from Portland, ME:
      • Can one calculate the probability of whether a black hole can be created from the experiments from the Large Hadron Collider?
      • In light of the skeptical charge that Christians embrace blind faith, do atheists employ a blind faith of sorts by holding to a theory of everything?

Interview with Paul Copan
#404 - Air date: 2-05-08
Dave Rogstad, Jeff Zweerink, and Kenneth Samples

  • Discussion:
    • Old-Earth Creationism
    • Creation Ex Nihilo
    • Arguments for God
  • Call-in Questions:
    • Roger from Portland, ME:
      • Chronological difficulties regarding the prophecy of Christ's Second Coming
    • Trey for San Diego, CA:
      • What are some of the possible philosophical and/or scientific complications with the argument that the universe came into existence out of a black hole?

Battle for the Bible?
#401 - Air date: 1-15-08
Dave Rogstad, and Kenneth Samples

  • Discoveries:
    • Is there anyone out there?
      • Robert Sanders, "SETI@ home looking for more volunteers", UC Berkley Press Release, Media Relations/02 January 2008.
    • Resources:
    • Discoveries:
      • Dr. John Battle Interview
    • Call-in questions:
      • Reeves from Lindale, TX:
        • Comments and questions about the Genesis flood.
      • Ed from Des Moines, IA:
        • Comments and questions about naturalistic evolution.
      • Kenny from Pensacola, FL:
        • Asks about the age of the Earth in Genesis.
      • Peggy from Minneapolis, MN:
        • More thoughts and questions on the extent of the Genesis flood.
      • Roger from Portland, ME:
        • Questions about Genesis

    Creation Update #339
    Science and Faith: Are They Compatible?
    Interview with Dr. Francis Collins
    Air date: 10-17-06, 4 to 6 P.M. Pacific
    Fuz Rana, Dave Rogstad, and Joe Aguirre

    • Special guest: Dr. Francis Collins
      • Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute
      • Dr. Collins and his team mapped the entire human genome in 2003
      • Author of The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief
      • See more of Dr. Collins' work
    • Call-in questions
      • Tim from Tokyo wants to know:
      • Mark from Vero Beach, FL asks:
        • What do the gaps in the fossil record say about origins?
        • Resource:
      • Kenny from Pensacola, FL inquires:
        • Can DNA evidence trace back to Noah and his sons' wives?
        • Resource
      • Robert from Santa Ana, CA has two questions:
        • What do you think of Dr. Collins' statement that the original human population was larger than RTB's model predicts? Does Collins' theistic evolutionary position hold a higher view of God than does RTB's model, which requires "midcourse corrections"?
        • Resources
    • Fuz and Dave report on two 2006 Nobel Prize announcements and their theological implications

    Creation Update #317
    Evidence for Dark Matter
    Air date: 4-25-2006
    Dave Rogstad, Fuz Rana, Kenneth Samples, and Joe Aguirre

    • Scientific discoveries
      • Explanation for warping of MWG disk
        • Martin D. Weinberg and Leo Blitz, "A Magellanic Origin for the Warp of the Galaxy," Astrophysical Journal 641 (2006): L33-36.
      • Optimality in biochemical systems
        • Guy Shinar et al., "Rules for Biological Regulation Based on Error Minimization," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 103 (2006): 3999-4004.
    • Philosophy/Theology segment
      • Interview with Dr. Victor Reppert on C. S. Lewis's "dangerous idea"
      • Resource
        • C. S. Lewis's Dangerous Idea: In Defense of the Argument from Reason, by Victor Reppert
        • Miracles, by C. S. Lewis
    • Call-in questions
      • Nick from Columbus, OH asks:
      • Ed from Des Moines, IA wants to know:
        • Is string theory analogous to microphone of one's voice?
      • John from Raleigh, NC questions:
        • What is meant by Adam being a Homo sapiens sapiens?
        • What is meant by "serpent" in Genesis 3?
        • Also, Fuz comments on Robert Hazen's book, - Genesis: The Scientific Quest for Life's Origins
      • Randy from Collierville, TN called to ask:
        • Do some Christians place too big an emphasis on apologetics in trying to convert nonbelievers, especially in light of passages like 1 Corinthians 2: 1-5?
      • Kurt from Tucson, AZ:
        • How would symbiotic organisms survive the flood from a young-earth view?

    Creation Update #277
    NASA Experiments Confirm Creation
    Air date: 06-28-05
    Hugh Ross, Kenneth Samples and Krista Bontrager

    • Discussion of Hugh's recent radio appearances on Coast to Coast AM and
    • Discoveries Discussed
      • Lunar laser reflector tests of gravity theories.
        • James G. Williams, Slava G. Turyshev, and Dale H. Boggs, "Progress in Lunar Laser Ranging Test of Relativistic Gravity," Physical Review Letters 93 (2005): id. 261101
      • More evidence for design of terrestrial lightning.
        • James L. Green, et al, "On the Origin of Whistler Mode Radiation in the Plasmasphere," Journal of Geophysical Research 110 (2005): id. A03201.
      • Interview with Dr. Mark Whorton at NASA about the Cosmos 1 mission.
        • Cosmos 1 mission.
        • Discussion of Mark's upcoming book, Peril in Paradise.
        • Peril in Paradise. (available on pre-order through
    • Theology/Philosophy segment
      • Creation ex nihilo, part 3
        • Creation Out of Nothing, by Paul Copan and William Lane Craig (available through
    • Call In Questions
      • Chris in Charlotte, NC
        • Did some of hominids overlap in time and geography?
      • Ian in Santa Clarita, CA
        • When did humans migrate to Australia?
      • Harley in Spokane, WA
        • Did God have infinite energy before the "creation event"?
      • Mike in Little Rock, AK
        • Did the Bible borrow from the Sumarian creation myth?
          • " The Three-Story Universe: A Comparison Of The Cosmology Of The Ancient Near East With That Of The Old Testament," by Thomas Maddux (PDF)
    • Email Questions
      • Rory
        • Wants to know some good books that will help him make up his mind about the age of the earth.
          • Scientific Creationism, by Henry Morris
          • The Genesis Flood, by Henry Morris and John Whitcomb
          • A Matter of Days, by Hugh Ross (old-earth)
          • The Genesis Debate: Calendar Day, Day Age, and Framework Hypothesis
          • The Ankerberg Debate: Young-Earth vs. Old-Earth (DVD)
          • Hugh Ross dialogues with Answers in Genesis' staff astronomer, Dr. Jason Lisle on the Bob Grant Show (airdate 12-16-2004)
      • Rose
        • Why did God create the universe?
      • Tom W.
        • Who Is the American scientist that Hugh mentioned recently that converted to Christianity?

    Creation Update Primtime #16
    Age of the Earth: Core Christian Doctrine?
    Air date: 06-02-05
    Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana, and Krista Bontrager

    • Interview with Dr. Ted Cabal, Professor of Christian Philosophy at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
      • Galileo’s Battle of the Heavens (video documentary)
    • Interview with Dr. Jay Richards, Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute.

    Creation Update #271
    DNA vs. The Book of Mormon
    Air date: 05-10-05
    Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana and Krista Bontrager

    • Discoveries Discussed
      • Gamma ray burst mass extinction event: Interview with astronomers, Dr. Jeff Zweerink at UCLA, and Brian Thomas at University of Kansas.
        • Brian C. Thomas, et al., "Terrestrial Ozone Depletion Due to a Milky Way Gamma-Ray Burst,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 622 (2005), pp. L153-L156.
      • Homosexual male brains and pheromones
        • Ivanka Savic, Hans Berglund and Per Lindstrom, "Brain response to putative pheromones in homosexual men,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (2005), pp. 7356-7361.
        • Resources mentioned
          • Homosexuality: The Use of Scientific Evidence in the Church’s Moral Debate, by Jones and Yarhouse
          • Is homosexuality genetic? Creation Update (02-06-2004)
      • New Design Features in Planetary Formation
        • John Bally, Nick Moeckel, and Henry Throop, "Planet Formation in OB Associations,” Abstract 743, Abstracts of the Biennial Meeting of the NASA Astrobiology Institute, April 10-14, 2005, Astrobiology 5 (2005), pp. 186-187.
      • Discussion of Reasons Institute, summer 2005 session
      • Interview with Scott Johnson, from Living Hope Ministries, co-producer of the video documentary, DNA vs. The Book of Mormon.
    • Call In Questions
      • Chris in Charlotte, NC
        • What is Hugh’s opinion of the Arizona UFO sightings a few years ago?
      • Ed in Des Moines, IA
        • Could symmetry in particle physics be a design argument?
      • Daniel in Indianapolis, IN

    Creation Update #267
    Narrowing Another Origin of Life Loophole: Deep Biosphere Hypothesis
    Air date: 04-05-05
    Fuz Rana, Dave Rogstad and Krista Bontrager

    • Discoveries Discussed
      • Deep biosphere hypothesis
        • Steven D’Hondt, et al., "Distributions of Microbial Activities in Deep Subseafloor sediments,” Science 306 (2004), pp. 2216-2221.
        • A. Vezzi, et al., “Life at Depth: Photobacterium profundum Genome Sequence and Expression Analysis,” Science 307 (2005), pp. 1459-1461.
        • Resources mentioned
      • Adult stem cells
        • Olafur E. Sigurjonsson, et al., "Adult human hematopoietic stem cells produce neurons efficiently in the regenerating chicken embryo spinal cord,” PNAS 102 (2005), pp. 5227-5232.
      • Interview with Dr. Rogier Windhorst, Arizona State University, about the Vatican telescope in Arizona.
        • Vatican astronomer, Br. Guy Consolmagno
        • Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope in Arizona
        • Creation Update Primetime interview with Br. Guy Consolmagno (Air Date: 1-06-05)
      • Human/chimp DNA comparisons — recombination hot spots
        • Jeremy Foster, et al., "The Wolbachia Genome of Brugia malayi: Endosymbiont Evolution within a Human Pathogenic Nematode,” PLoS Biology 3 (2005), online.
        • Lynn B. Jorde, “Where We’re Hot, They’re Not,” Science (2005), pp. 60-62.
        • Wendy Winkler, et al., “Comparison of Fine-Scale Recombination Rates in Humans and Chimpanzees,” Science (2005), pp. 107-111.
    • Call In Questions
      • Questions from Emily Bontrager (age 5 1/2)
        • What is a genetic marker?
          • Video documentary: The Journey of Man, with Spencer Wells (available through
        • What is the difference between Cro-Magnons and Hominids?
      • Chris in Charlotte, NC
        • Wanted to ask a follow up question about the events on Creation Day 5 from last week.
    • Email Questions
      • Jim in Chicago, IL
        • Isn’t the fundamental unity of life through DNA proof for evolution?
      • Joel in Knoxville, TN
        • Do you see the gulf between real science and popular science growing or diminishing?
      • Ron in Tampa Bay, FL
        • How did God get all those animals on the ark?
      • Ken
        • What is the difference between microevolution and macroevolution?

    Creation Update Primetime #15
    Interview with Simon Conway Morris
    Air date: 02-24-05
    Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana, and Krista Bontrager

    • Books by Dr. Conway Morris
      • Life’s Solution: Inevitable Humans in a Lonely Universe
      • The Crucible of Creation: The Burgess Shale and the Rise of Animals

    Creation Update Primetime #14
    Special Edition: Interviews with Don Stoner & Brother Guy Consolmagno
    Air date: 01-06-05
    Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana and Krista Bontrager

    • Special Guest: Don Stoner
      • Resources mentioned:
        • Science Speaks, by Peter Stoner
        • A New Look at an Old Earth, by Don Stoner
        • A Matter of Days, by Hugh Ross
    • Special Guest: Brother Guy Consolmagno

    New Developments in Behe's Mousetrap
    #247  Air date: 10-26-04
    Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana and Kenneth Samples

        • Discoveries Discussed
          • Interview with Michael Behe
            • Michael J. Behe and David W. Snoke, “Simulating evolution by gene duplication of protein features that require multiple amino acid residues,” Protein Science (2004), 2651.
          • Solar luminosity stability
            • Peter Foukal, Gerald North and Tom Wigley, “A Stellar View on Solar Variations and Climate,” Science 306 (2004), 68-69.
        • Field Report
          • RTB Chapter leaders Kurt Lightfoot and Stan Leonard
        • Theology/Philosophy segment:
          • Attributes of God: Personality
        • Call In Questions
          • Steve in Modesto, CA:
            • Is gene regulation an example of biochemical design?
          • Marj in Diamond Bar, CA:
            • Is a single piece mousetrap a problem for irreducible complexity?
          • Cole in Fort Worth, TX:
            • Do the moral and design arguments depend on the cosmological argument?
          • Rob in Boulder, CO:
            • What effects result from changes in stellar mass?
        • Email Question
          • John F. in Raleigh, NC:
            • What are the three most important scientific theories which were once through to be challenges to the accuracy of the Bible, but have now been overturned?

    Creation Update #242
    Salvaging the Genesis Capsule
    Air date: 9-21-04
    Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana, Kenneth Samples and Krista Bontrager

        • Discoveries Discussed
          • Natural product total synthesis
            • K.C. Nicolaou and Scott A. Snyder, “The essence of total synthesis,” PNAS 101 (2004), 11929-11936.
          • Genesis Capsule -- Interview with Roger Wiens
            • NASA’s Genesis Project
            • Genesis Space Capsule Crashes in Utah, AP news story
            • NASA says some Genesis solar material salvaged, AP news story
          • NGRIP ice core
            • K.K. Andersen, et al., “High-Resolution Record of Northern Hemisphere Climate Extending into the Last Interglacial Period,” Nature 431 (2004), pp. 147-151.
            • Kurt M. Cuffey, “Into an Ice Age,” Nature 431 (2004), pp. 133-134.
          • Dome C telescope site
            • Jon S. Lawrence, et al., “Exceptional Astronomical Seeing Conditions Above Dome C in Antarctica,” Nature 431 (2004), pp. 278-281.
            • Paolo G. Calisse, et al., “Submillimeter Site Testing at Dome C, Antarctica,” Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia 21 (2004), pp. 24-31.
          • Primordial homogeneous magnetic field — (also discussed plasma big bang model)
            • Gang Chen, et al., “Looking for Cosmological Alfven Waves in Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe Data,” Astrophysical Journal 611 (2004), pp. 655-659.
            • Recommended Resources
          • Ancient DNA analysis
            • Michael Hofreiter, et al., “Lack of phylogeography in European mammals before the last glaciation,” PNAS 101 (2004), pp. 12963-12968.
        • Theology/Philosophy Segment
          • A Christian view on voting, with Ken Samples.
        • Call In Questions
          • Walter in Dallas, TX
            • Was is the example for the earliest form of worship?
        • Email Questions
          • Larry wants to know
            • What’s Hugh’s position on “eternal security”?
          • Jim in Lusby, MD
            • How does Dr. Ross’s view of the new creation account for the literal bodily resurrection of Jesus?

    Creation Update #240
    Earlier Emergence of Bi-Pedalism
    Air date: 9-07-04
    Fuz Rana, Kenneth Samples and Krista Bontrager

        • Discoveries Discussed
          • Earlier emergence of bi-pedalism
            • K. Galik, et al., “External and Internal Morphology of the BAR 1002’00 Orrorin tugenensis Femur,” Science 305 (2004), pp. 1450-1453.
          • Whale audio transmission
            • Sirpa Nummela, et al., “Eocene evolution of whale hearing,” Nature 430 (2004), pp. 776-778.
        • Interview Segment
          • Embryonic Stem Cell Research and California’s Proposition 71, with guest Richard Deem
            • Richard’s article on Proposition 71
              • No on Prop. 71
              • Yes on Prop. 71
        • Theology/Philosophy segment:
          • RTB's Statement of Faith: Article 12: The Great Commission
        • Call In Questions
          • Dave in West Los Angeles, CA:
            • Would Adam have still died if he had never sinned?
          • Joe in Bismark, ND:
            • Wanted to know about evolution of the micaster.
          • Roger in Portland, ME:
            • Does ontogeny recapitulate phylogeny?
              • Icons of Evolution, by Jonathan Wells
          • Dave in Santa Barbara, CA:
            • Where do you draw the line between random chance and God’s design?
        • Email Questions
          • Andrew:
            • What does RTB think of the evidence that of dinosaurs and humans living at the same time?

    Creation Update PRIMETIME #13
    Interview with Old Testament Theologian, Jack Collins
    Air date: 8-05-04
    Hugh Ross, Kenneth Samples, and Krista Bontrager

        • Resources Discussed
          • C. John Collins, Science & Faith: Friends or Foes? (Crossway Books, 2003).
          • C. John Collins, The God of Miracles: An Exegetical Examination of God’s Action in the World (Crossway Books, 2000).

    Creation Update PRIMETIME #12
    Early Christian Fathers: Interview with Tom Oden
    Air date: 7-22-04
    Hugh Ross, Kenneth Samples and Krista Bontrager

    Creation Update #233
    Physics at a Millisecond after the Creation Event
    Air date: 7-20-04
    Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana, Kenneth Samples and Krista Bontrager

        • Discoveries Discussed
          • Measurement of the mass of the top quark — Interview with Dr. Mike Strauss (Part 2)
            • D0 Collaboration, “A precision measurement of the mass of the top quark,” Nature 429 (June 10, 2004), 638-641.
            • Georg Weiglein, “From the top...” Nature 429 (June 10, 2004), 613-615.
            • Listen to our previous discussion with Dr. Strauss on The “God” Particle — Higgs boson (aired on 03-23-04)
          • Nucleon decay — Interview with Dr. Mike Strauss
            • J. Barbieri and G. Chapline, “Have nucleon decays already been seen?” Physics Letters B 590 (June 17, 2004), 8-12.
          • Human/Chimp DNA
            • Coming soon!
          • Fine-tuning the late-heavy bombardment
            • A. Morbidelli, et al., “A Plausible Cause of the Late Heavy Bombardment,” Meteoritics & Planetary Science 36 (2001), 371-380.
            • Linda T. Elkins-Tantour, Bradford H. Hager and Timothy L. Grove, “Magmatic Effects of the Lunar Late Heavy Bombardment,” Earth & Planetary Science Letters 222 (2004), 17-27.
            • Listen to our previous discussions about Magma Ocean (aired on 05-18-04) and Early evidence for extra-terrestrial collisions — evidence in Australia (aired on 06-01-04)
        • Theology/Philosophy segment
          • RTB's Statement of Faith: Article 8 - Justification
        • Call-In Questions
          • Ian in Santa Clarita, CA: Are there any other particle physics labs which can probe even farther back in time?
          • Damien in Sydney, Australia: Wanted to ask Hugh some questions about the parts of the universe we can’t see.
        • Email Questions
          • Bill in Pike, NH: What, if anything, do the measurements re: top quark mass say about string theory?

    Creation Update #232
    Dating the Earth through Ice Cores
    Air date: 7-13-04
    Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana, Kenneth Samples and Krista Bontrager

        • Discoveries Discussed
          • Antarctic Ice Core
            • Laurent Augustin, et al., “Eight Glacial Cycles from an Antarctic Ice Core,” Nature 429 (2004), 623-628.
            • Jerry F. McManus, “A Great Grand-Daddy of Ice Cores,” Nature 429 (2004), 611-612.
            • Gabrielle Walker, “Frozen Time,” Nature 429 (2004), 596-597.
          • Sediment Core
            • Robert M. Carter and Paul Gammon, “New Zealand Maritime Glaciation: Millennial-Scale Southern Climate Change Since 3.9 Ma,” Science 304 (2004), 1659-1662.
          • Cellular midbody design
            • Ahna R. Skop et al., “Dissection of the Mammalian Midbody Proteome Reveals Conserved Cytokinesis Mechanisms,” Science (2004), ScienceExpress.
        • Call-In Questions
          • Daniel in New Orleans, LA: Isn’t the Intelligent Design movement premised on an old earth perspective?
          • Joel in Bismark, ND: Does the recent discovery of a quasar inside a black hole affect RTB’s view for the age of the universe?
          • Patrick in Holland, MA.: How is the “light” different on Creation Day 1 than on Creation Day 4?
        • Email Questions
          • Heath M.: How is the existence of tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes compatible with the existence of an all-loving God?
            • Message of the Month 2004: The Problem of Evil
          • Larry in Lawrenceville, GA: Wanted Fuz’s comments on some recent articles in Nature about convergence
            • Laura Nelson, “Immune systems evolved more than once,” Nature (2004).
            • Henry Gee, “The Tyranny of Design,” Nature (2004).
          • Ken in North Carolina: Was Lucifer really a snake in Genesis 3?
        • Ministry Report
          • RTB Apologetics Correspondence Course update with Bob Stewart
        • Theology/Philosophy segment:
          • Interview with Dr. Hugh Henry, member of the RTB Cincinnati chapter about the apparent gaps in genealogy of Moses.

    Creation Update #231
    Christian Perspectives on the Cassini Spacecraft
    Air date: 7-06-04
    Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana, Kenneth Samples and Krista Bontrager

        • Discoveries Discussed
          • Cassini spacecraft
          • ALH84001 Mars Rock
            • Benjamin P. Weiss, et al., “Magnetic tests for magnetosome chains in Martian meteorite ALH84001,” PNAS (June 1, 2004), 8281-8284.
            • Origins of Life, by Fazale Rana and Hugh Ross
          • Gamma-ray burst/Extinction event connection
            • Interview with Brian Thomas, Ph.D. candidate at University of Kansas
            • A.L. Melott, B. C. Thomas, et al., “Did a gamma-ray burst initiate the late Ordovician mass extinction?” pre-print.
            • Philip Ball, “Gamma-ray burst linked to mass extinction,” Nature (September 24, 2003).
          • Science in the News — Hominid skull fragment
            • Jeffrey H. Schwartz, “Getting to Know Homo erectus,” Science (July 2, 2004), 53-54.
            • Richard Potts, et al., “Small Mid-Pleistocene Hominin Associated with East African Acheulean Technology,” Science (July 2, 2004), 75-78.
        • Theology/Philosophy Segment:
          • RTB’s Statement of Faith: Article 7 — Redemption
        • Call-In Questions
          • Ed in DesMoines, IA:
            • Could the laws of economics also be part of God’s general revelation?
              • Social Justice and the Christian Church, by Ron Nash
              • Poverty and Wealth: The Christian Debate Over Capitalism, by Ron Nash
              • The Acton Institute
          • Dave in Santa Barbara, CA:
            • Is the theory about gamma-ray bursts causing extinction events in competition with the impact theory?

    Creation Update #230
    Reagan vs. Bush: The Stem Cell Controversy
    Air date: 6-22-04
    Fuz Rana, Kenneth Samples and Krista Bontrager

        • Discoveries Discussed
          • Stem cell research update — Beta cells and Type I diabetes
            • Yuval Dor, et al., "Adult pancreatic B-cells are formed by self-duplication rather than stem-cell differentiation," Nature 429 (May 6, 2004), 41-46.
          • Life’s minimum complexity
            • O. Futterer, et al., "Genome sequence of Picrophilus torridus and its implications for life around pH O," PNAS 101 (June 15, 2004), 9091-9096.
            • Patrick H. Viollier, et al., “Rapid and sequential movement of individual chromosomal loci to specific subcellular locations during bacterial DNA replication,” PNAS Early Edition (2004).
            • Sherry C. Wang and Lucy Shapiro, “The topoisomerase IV ParC subunit colocalizes with the Caulobacter replisome and is required for polar localization of replication origins,” PNAS Early Edition (2004).
          • Biochemistry of aging
            • Haim Y. Cohen, et al., "Calorie Restriction Promotes Mammalian Cell Survival by Inducing the SIRT1 Deacetylase," Science Express 607 (June 17, 2004).
        • Theology/Philosophy Segment:
          • RTB’s Statement of Faith: Article 6 — Mankind
        • Call-In Questions
          • Roger in Portland, Maine:
            • What’s the probably of hitting on the right minimal complexity for life?
          • Anthony in Montgomery, NY:
            • Wanted Fuz to respond to this article critiquing “irreducible complexity”:
              • Massimo Pigliucci, “Design Yes, Intelligent No: A Critique of Intelligent Design Theory and Neocreationism,” Skeptical Inquirer (September 2001).
          • Rob in Denver, CO:
            • Is the biochemistry of mitochondria the same from organism to organism?
        • Interviews with RTB summer interns: Megan Bloom and Tyler Green
          • Megan asked a question about mitochondrial engulfment
        • Discussion of the book, Yellow & Pink, by William Steig

    Creation Update PRIMETIME #11
    In the Space of Six Days
    Air date: 6-17-04
    Hugh Ross, Kenneth Samples and Krista Bontrager

        • Interview with Dr. Thomas Oden (to be rescheduled)
        • Interview with Dr. William Barker:
          • William Barker, “The Westminster Assembly on the Days of Creation: A Reply to David W. Hall,” Westminster Theological Journal 62 (2000), 113-120.
          • Frank Egleston Robbins, The Hexaemeral Literature: A Study of the Greek and Latin Commentaries in Genesis, (University of Chicago Press, 1912).
          • Robert Letham, “’In the Space of Six Days’: The Days of Creation from Origen to the Westminster Assembly,” Westminster Theological Journal 61:2 (1999).
          • Statement on creation by the Presbyterian Church of America
          • Statement on creation adopted by the faculty at Westminster Theological Seminary
          • In the Beginning, by Herman Bavinck
          • Science & Faith, by John Collins (available through Reasons To Believe by calling 800-482-7836)
          • Related Resource: Matter of Days, by Hugh Ross

    Creation Update #221
    Searching in Earth’s Attic for Life
    Air date: 4-20-04
    Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana and Krista Bontrager

        • Discoveries Discussed:
          • Extremophiles
            • H. James Cleaves II and John H. Chambers, “Extremophiles May Be Irrelevant to the Origin of Life,” Astrobiology 4 (2004), 1-9.
          • Moon — Earth’s attic: Interview with Guillermo Gonzalez, astronomer at Iowa State
            • John C. Armstrong, Llyd E. Wells, and Guillermo Gonzalez, “Rummaging through Earth’s Attic for Remains of Ancient Life,” Icarus 160 (November 2002), 183-196.
          • Comments on the launch of Gravity Probe-B satellite
            • Gravity Probe-B web site
            • The Elegant Universe (VHS and DVD) -- available through Reasons To Believe by calling 800-482-7836.
            • The Creator and the Cosmos, by Hugh Ross
        • Theology/Philosophy segment:
          • What is “heresy”?
            • Orthodoxy and Heresy, by Robert Bowman (out-of-print)
            • Concise Dictionary of Christian Theology, by Millard Erickson
        • Call-In Questions
          • Rob in Denver, CO:
            • Was there ever any volcanism on the moon?
          • Randy in Collierville, TN:
            • What are the best references for a discussion of “yom”?
          • Jacob in San Antonio, TX:
            • Was is the difference between using the terms “cult” and “unorthodox”?
          • Dan in Grandview, MO:
            • Is the use of the “evening” and “morning” in Daniel 8:14 proof that this could be longer than 24 hours?
          • Lance in San Diego, CA:
            • How could human teeth last over 900 years?
          • Jacob in San Antonio, TX:
          • David in Santa Barbara, CA:
            • Where is the “Garden of Eden”?

    Creation Update PRIMETIME #10
    Interview with Physicist and Theologian, Dr. Robert Newman
    Air date: 4-15-04
    Hugh Ross, David Rogstad and Krista Bontrager

        • Mentioned Resources:
          • Biblical Theological Seminary
          • Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute (IBRI)
          • Genesis One and the Origin of the Earth, by Robert Newman and Herman Eckelman
          • The Biblical Firmament: Vault or Vapor?
          • Robert C. Newman, “Divine Action in Nature: Where Do the Angels (et al) Fit In?” pre-print version.

    Creation Update #220
    Fine Structure Constant: Evidence for Supernatural Design
    Air date: 4-13-04
    Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana and Krista Bontrager

        • Discoveries Discussed
          • Homochirality
            • Donna G. Blackmond, “Asymmetric autocatalysis and its implications for the origin of homochirality,” PNAS 101 (April 20, 2004), 5732-5736.
          • Fine Structure Constant
            • Lennox L. Cowie and Antoinette Songaila, “The inconstant constant?” Nature 428 (March 11, 2004), 132-133.
            • H. Chand, et al., “Probing the cosmological variation of the fine-structure constant: Results based on VLT-UVES sample,” Astronomy and Astrophysics 417 (2004), 853-871.
            • Thibault Damous and Freeman Dyson, “The Oklo bound on the time variation of the fine-structure constant revisited,” Nuclear Physics B 480 (November 25, 1996), 37-54.
          • Origin of Land Tetrapods
            • Jenny A. Clack, “From Fins to Fingers,” Science 304 (2004), 57-58.
            • Neil H. Shubin, et al., “The Early Evolution of the Tretapod Humerus,” Science 304 (2004), 90-93.
        • Theology Segment:
          • Interview with New Testament scholar, Dr. Ben Witherington to discuss The Shroud of Turin
        • Field Report:
          • Interview with Dr. John Bloom to discuss Biola University’s new M.A. In Science and Religion program
            • Biola's Science and Religion web site
        • Call-In Questions
          • Kenny in Milton, FL:
            • Wanted Dr. Witherington to comment on the image on the backside of the Shroud of Turin
          • Fred in Charlotte, NC:
            • How can we date fossils if we can’t define “time” itself?
          • Tracey in Stow, OH:
        • Email Questions
          • Tim in Japan:
            • Have small extra-solar planets been “imaged” using “gravitational lensing”?

    Creation Update #219
    Planetary Desert: Our Solar System’s Happy Coincidence
    Air date: 4-06-04
    Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana and Krista Bontrager

        • Discoveries Discussed
          • Solar System design
            • S. Ida and D.N.C. Lin, “Toward a Deterministic Model of Planetary Formation. I. A Desert in the Mass and Semimajor Axis Distributions of Extrasolar Planets,” Astrophysical Journal 604 (2004), 388-413.
          • Human/Chimp DNA gene expression (Part One) & (Part Two)
            • Monic Uddin, et al., “Sister grouping of chimpanzees and humans as revealed by genome-wide phylogenetic analysis of brain gene expression profiles,” PNAS 101 (2004), 2957-2962.
            • Wolfgang Enard, et al., “Differences in DNA methylation patterns between humans and chimpanzees,” Current Biology (2004), R148ff.
            • Becky McCall, “New light shed on chimp genome,” BBC News (April 5, 2004).
          • Distance measurements in astronomy
            • S. Chatterjee, et al., “Pulsar Parallaxes at 5 GHz with the Very Long Baseline Array,” Astrophysical Journal 604 (2004), 339-345.
        • Call-In Questions
          • Arnold in Garden Grove, CA:
            • Will the Message of the Month series deal with Romans 9?
              • Learn more about our 2004 Message of the Month series on the problem of evil
          • Karl in Goleta, CA:
            • What do you think about a new satellite that will test Einstein’s predictions about gravity waves?
          • Chris in Charlotte, NC:
            • Wanted Fuz to comment on a recent article in Science about the evolution of fingers.
        • Theology/Philosophy Segment:
          • Medical perspective on the crucifixion, interview with Dr. Alex Metherell (Part One) & (Part Two)
            • “The Passion of the Christ: The Most Amazing Love Story of all Time: A Review from a Biomedical Engineering Perspective,” by Alex F. Metherell, M.D., Ph.D.
            • Behold, The Man (video)
            • Like No Other Man (booklet)

    Creation Update Primetime #9
    Interview with Scholars, Dr. Walt Kaiser & Dr. John Jefferson Davis
    Air date: 3-25-04
    Hugh Ross, Kenneth Samples and Krista Bontrager

        • Interview with Old Testament scholar, Dr. Walt Kaiser at Gordon-Conwell Seminary
          • Books Mentioned:
            • The Old Testament Manuscripts: Are they relevant and reliable? (available through
            • On the Reliability of the Old Testament, by K. A. Kitchen (available through
            • Hard Sayings of the Bible, by F.F. Bruce and Walt Kaiser, et al.
        • Call-In Questions:
          • Steve in Modesto, CA:
            • What is the origin of the Old Testament? Was it based on oral tradition?
          • Roger in Portland, Maine:
            • What does it mean that God “stretches” out the heavens?
        • Interview with Christian Theology scholar, Dr. John Jefferson Davis at Gordon-Conwell Seminary
          • Book Mentioned:
            • The Frontiers of Science & Faith:  Examining Questions from the Big Bang to the End of the Universe, by Dr. John Jefferson Davis (Available in April from Reasons To Believe.  Order by calling 1-800-482-7836)

    Creation Update #217
    Searching for the “God” Particle
    Air date: 3-23-04
    Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana, Kenneth Samples, and Krista Bontrager
    Interview with particle physicist, Dr. Mike Strauss at the University of Oklahoma

        • Discoveries Discussed
          • Neanderthal/Modern human interbreeding?
            • David Serre, et al., “No Evidence of Neandertal mtDNA Contribution to Early Modern Humans,” PLOS Biology (March 2004), 0313-0317.
            • Michael Hopkin, “Early man steered clear of Neanderthal romance,” Nature Science update (March 16, 2004), online only.
          • The “God” Particle — Higgs boson
            • Peter Renten, “Has the Higgs boson been discovered?” Nature 428 (2004), 141-144.
          • “Dead” black holes — Another confirmation of the big bang creation model
            • F. Lebrun, et al., “Compact Sources as the Origin of the Soft g-Ray Emission of the Milky Way,” Nature 428 (2004), 293-296.
        • Call-In Questions
          • Chris in Charlotte, NC:
            • Was the book of Enoch originally in the Christian Bible?
              • The Origin of the Bible, by Philip Comfort
          • Randy in Collierville, TN:
            • How does gravitational lensing work?
            • Do young-earth creationists believe that speciation is still going on?
          • Rob in Denver, CO:
            • Wanted to propose a possible way to test the global flood model
          • Kenny in Milton, FL:
            • Does “angular momentum” disprove the standard model for the formation of the solar system?
              • Bad Astronomy, by Phil Platt (Call 800-482-7836 to order.)
          • Steve in Mission Viejo, CA:
            • What can you tell me about the 10th planet?
              • “10th “Planet” Found, Creation Update (air date: 3-16-04)
        • Theology/Philosophy segment:  Crash Course on Logic
          • Slippery Slope/Domino effect
          • Circular Reasoning/Begging the Question

    Creation Update Primetime #8
    Inerrancy of the Bible
    The Analogical Day View of Creation
    Air-date: 02-27-2004
    Hugh Ross, Kenneth Samples and Krista Bontrager

        • Discoveries Discussed
          • Inerrancy of the Bible -- Interview with Dr. Norman Geisler
            • New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? by F.F. Bruce
            • Old Testament Documents: Are They Reliable and Relevant? by Walt Kaiser (available through
            • The Text of the New Testament: Its Transmission, Corruption, and Restoration, by Bruce Manning Metzger
            • When Critics Ask, by Norman Geisler
            • Book of Acts in the Setting of Hellenistic History, by Colin J. Hemer (available through
            • Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics, edited by Norman Geisler (available through
            • Inerrancy, edited by Norman Geisler
            • Explaining Inerrancy, by R.C. Sproul (available through Ligonier Ministries)
            • Creating God in the Image of Man, by Norman Geisler
            • The Battle for God: Responding to the Challenge of Neotheism, by Norman L. Geisler (available through
            • Knowing the Truth about Creation, by Norman L. Geisler (out-of-print)
          • The Analogical Day View of Creation -- Interview with Dr. Vern Poythress
            • 3 Views on Creation and Evolution, edited by J.P. Moreland and John Mark Reynolds (available through
            • In the Beginning, by Herman Bavinck
            • A Christian View on Science and Scripture, by Bernard Ramm (out-of-print)

    Creation Update #210
    Breaking The DaVinci Code
    Air-date: 02-03-2004
    Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana, Kenneth Samples and Krista Bontrager
    Special Guest: Collin Hansen from Christianity Today

        • Discoveries Discussed
          • Pleiades — accurate and reliable distance measurement
            • Xiaopei Pan, M. Shao and S.R. Kulkarni, “A Distance of 133-137 Parsecs to the Pleiades Star Cluster,” Nature 427 (2004), 326-328.
            • Bohdan Paczynski, “A Problem of Distance,” Nature 427 (2004), 299-300.
          • Discussion of the ekpyrotic big bang model
            • Michael Lemonick, “Before the Big Bang,” Discover (February 2004), 35-41.
          • Putting Neanderthals to the Test — Evaluating models
            • Katerina Harvati ey al., “Neanderthal Taxonomy Reconsidered: Implications of 3D Primate Models of Intra- and Interspecific Differences,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 101 (2004), 1147-1152.
            • William L. Jungers et al., “Hypoglossal Canal Size in Living Hominoids and the Evolution of Human Speech,” Human Biology 75 (2003), 473-484.
        • Call In Questions
          • Josh in Huntington, WV: Don’t we have to know about all of the fundamental constants before declaring the probability of the universe developing through random chance?
          • Steve in Modesto, CA: Wanted Hugh’s response to Paul Davies speed of light discovery?
            • Listen to our discussion about Paul Davies’ paper and the speed of light, Creation Update (air-date 08-13-2002).
          • Paul C.W. Davies, Tamara M. Davis and Charles H. Lineweaver, "Cosmology: Black holes constrain varying constants," Nature 418 (August 8, 2002), 602-603.
          • Ed in Medford, OR: Wanted Hugh and Fuz’s response to a book called, Unintelligent Design by Mark Perakn.
            • Also mentioned, Information Theory & Molecular Biology, by Hubert Yockey
        • Theology/Philosophy Segment
          • Interview with Colin Hansen at Christian History magazine about the book, The DaVinci Code, by Dan Brown
          • Read Colin’s article: Breaking The DaVinci Code, in Christianity Today
          • Other resources related to the canon of the Bible:
            • The Canon, by F.F. Bruce
            • General Introduction of the Bible, by Norm Geisler
            • The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? by F. F. Bruce
            • The Origin of the Bible, by Philip Comfort

    Primetime #7
    Primetime: Radiometric Dating Methods and the RATE Study
    Air date: 09-18-03
    Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana, and Krista Bontrager
    Special Guest: Geochemist, Dr. Roger Wiens

        • Related Papers and Programs
          • Uranium Decay in Ancient Stars -- Another Confirmation for an Ancient Universe (air-date: 02-24-2001)
          • Stars with uranium and thorium - refining radiometric dating methods (air-date: 11-26-2002)
          • Discussion of zircons (air-date: 02-05-2002)
          • The Dynamics of Dating, by Roger Wiens
          • Radiometric Dating: A Christian Perspective, by Roger Wiens
          • 2003 papers from the RATE study
          • Announcement of the recent RATE research on the Answers in Genesis web site
          • For more on radiometric dating, call our office and ask about the November/December editions of the 2003 Message of the Month program where our scholars discuss this topic in more detail.

    CU #175
    Cosmology and Particle Physics "Problem"
    Air date: 5-27-03
    Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana, Kenneth Samples, and Joe Aguirre

        • Discoveries Discussed
        • Cosmological constant suggests more fine-tuning
          • Lawrence M. Krauss, "A just-so story," Nature 423 (15 May 2003), 230-31.
          • James D. Bjorken, "Cosmology and the Standard Model," (Abstract), Physical Review D vol. 67 iss.4 (February 2003).
          • Hugo Martel, Paul R. Shapiro, and Steven Weinberg, "Likely Values of the Cosmological Constant," Astrophysical Journal 492 (1998 January 1), 29-40.
        • Response To Chimp-Human Link
          • Derek E. Wildman et al., "Implications of natural selection in shaping 99.4% nonsynonymous DNA identity between humans and chimpanzees: Enlarging genus Homo," PNAS 100 (June 10, 2003), 7181-88.
          • Randolph E. Schmid, "Chimps May Have Closer Links to Humans," Associated Press.
        • Fish Feel Pain (discussed during philosophy/theology segment)
          • Constance Holden, ed., "Tender Lips," Science 300 (9 May 2003), 897.
            • Resource
              • Life and Death In Eden
        • Call-in Questions
          • David from Roanoke, VA, asks: What resources would you recommend for Japanese? (In response to presence of in-studio guest Tim Boyle from RTB Japan)
          • John from Seattle asks: How did you come about your calculations for the origin of life?
            • Resources
              • Information Theory and Molecular Biology (out of print)
              • Self-reproducing automata and the origin of life
          • Cliff from Florida asks: Is a local flood essential to RTB's viewpoint?
          • Joe from N. Dakota asks: How do young-earth creationists explain early Earth's atmosphere?
          • Tim (in studio) asks: Concerning the early dates for modern humans in Europe, how does this affect RTB's model of the flood affecting only the greater Mesopotamian region?
        • Other items
          • Hugh Ross (on front cover) and Fuz Rana featured in Charisma magazine
            • Andy Butcher, "He Sees God in the Stars," Charisma & Christian Life vol. 28, no. 11 (June 2003), 38-44.
          • Brief interview with Tim Boyle of RTB Japan

    CU PT #6
    Primetime Interview with Phillip Johnson
    Air date: 5-15-03
    Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana, and Joe Aguirre

        • Discussion of Intelligent Design/Similarities and Differences with RTB
        • Call-in Questions
          • Tim from Japan asks: Don't we need more than a "demolition of the pillar" of naturalism?
          • Peter from Akron, OH, asks: Should people have to state assumptions?
          • Ed from Medford, OR, asks: Can you mix law and science?
          • Walter from Dallas, TX, asks: How far do you go into ID before you need to ask about a designer?
        • E-mail Question
          • Rob asks: What do you think about leading with the big bang and design in the universe first, the origin of life second, and design in biological systems last? We seem to operate in the reverse order now with limited results.
        • Books by Phil Johnson
          • The Right Questions: Truth, Meaning, and Public Debate
          • The Wedge of Truth: Splitting the Foundations of Naturalism
          • Objections Sustained: Subversive Essays on Evolution, Law & Culture
          • Defeating Darwinism By Opening Minds
          • Reason in the Balance: The Case Against Naturalism in Science, Law, and Education
          • Darwin On Trial
        • Paper on the Santorum amendment by Johnson mentioned on the Web cast
          • Intelligent Design, Freedom, and Education

    Creation Update PRIMETIME #5
    Interview With Dr. Duane Gish, Institute for Creation Research
    Air date: 3-13-03
    Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana, Kenneth Samples

        • Dr. Duane Gish Bio
        • Call-in Questions
          • Tim from Japan asks: Isn't the "appearance of age" argument similar to the "appearance of design" argument in that it says that things look a certain way but really aren't?
          • George from LaVerne, CA, asks: (Re: photons) Shouldn't we see light reflecting off nebulae given your estimate for the age of the universe?
          • Kenny from Milton, FL, asks: If juvenile dinosaurs were taken on the ark, what impact would rapid growth rates have on space?
          • Walter from Dallas, TX, asks: What does Hawaiian Island formation tell us about the age of the Earth?
        • Giveaway: "God, Darwin, or Both"
          • Two-tape set featuring Hugh Ross, Duane Gish, and Eugenie Scott
        • Dr. Gish's book, Evolution: The Fossils Still Say No!

    Creation Update #164
    False Memories and Alien Abductions
    Air-date: 03-11-2003
    Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana and Krista Bontrager

        • Discoveries Discussed
          • The steady-state model and the cosmic background radiation
            • G. R. Burbidge, Fred Hoyle, et al., "Inhomogeneities in the microwave background radiation interpreted within the framework of the quasi-steady state cosmology," The Astrophysical Journal 585 (March 1, 2003), 1-11.
          • Gamma rays result of quantized red shifts?
            • G. R. Burbidge, "The sources of gamma-ray bursts and their connections with QSOs and active galaxies," The Astrophysical Journal 585 (March 1, 2003), 112-120.
          • Biochemical design of kidneys
            • Lubert Stryer, Biochemistry, 3rd ed. (New York, W.H. Freeman, 1988) 619-622.
          • Local fluff and Local bubble
            • Donald P. Cox and Louise Helenius, "Flux-Tube dynamics and a model for the origin of the local fluff," The Astrophysical Journal 583 (January 20, 2003), 205-228.
            • Jesus Maiz-Apellaniz, "The origin of the local bubble," The Astrophysical Journal Letters 560 (October 10, 2001), L83-L86.
        • Call-in Questions
          • Bill from SD: Why was Don Page talking about protons in the "observable" universe?
          • Ian from Santa Clarita, CA: How does the non-observable universe affect the anthropic principle?
          • Joyce from San Luis Obispo, CA:
            • Is the anthropic principle based on circular reasoning?
            • How do you reason with an unbeliever from a generic God idea to Jesus Christ as the God of the universe? For more about this issue, Dr. Ross recommends his book, Beyond the Cosmos.
        • Email Questions
          • Andy wanted to ask a follow up question about our interview with theoretical physicist, Don Page: Would the cosmological constant apply to the non-observable universe?
          • Dan from Grandview, MO: Why do scientists keep ratcheting the age of the universe down (from 17 billion years ago to 13.7 billion years ago)?
        • Theology/Philosophy segment
          • Interview with Harvard psychologist, Richard McNally, about his research into false alien memories

    Creation Update #159
    Consider the Ant
    Air-date: 2-4-2003
    Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana and Krista Bontrager

        • Discoveries Discussed
          • Five Species Symbiosis
            • Elizabeth Pennisi, "On Ant Farm, A Threesome Coevolves," Science 299 (17 January 2003), 325.
            • Cameron R. Currie et al., "Ancient Tripartite Coevolution in the Attine Ant-Microbe Symbiosis," Science 299 (17 January 2003), 386-88.
            • Hugh Ross, "Symbiosis-More Complex Than We Knew," Connections vol. 1, no. 2, 2-3.
            • For more on fungus-farming ants, listen to Creation Update, 11-26-02.
          • Oscillating Neutrinos
            • Philip Ball, "Antineutrinos caught in vanishing act," Nature (22 January 2003).
            • K. Eguchi et al., "First results from KamLAND: evidence for reactor antineutrino disappearance," Physical Review Letters 90, 021802, (2003).
            • David Wark, "Particle physics: Now you see them, now you don't," Nature 421 (2003), 485.
            • For further study: Facts for Faith article, "Missing Solar Neutrinos Found."
        • Interview: General Robert Stewart about the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy
        • Call-in Questions
          • Delbert from Dothan, AL, asks: Is your statement that God created the universe for the conquest of evil dualistic?
          • For further study:
          • Jeff from Skokie, IL, asks: Is there archaeological, historical evidence to test the claims of the Koran?
            • Resource recommended: The Quran and the Bible (Second Edition), by William Campbell.
          • Bill from Bath, SD, asks: What is your opinion of the widespread reported UFO encounters?
          • Joe in Dallas, TX asks: How do young-Earth creationists measure the creation days, considering the sun does not show up until day four?
          • Mark in Milwaukee, WI asks: What is D. Faulkner's view of the missing neutrinos? What date does Hugh give for the Tower of Babel?
        • Philosophy/theology segment
          • Kenneth Samples and Hugh Ross respond to History Channel documentary, "UFOs in the Bible" featuring Hugh. He was taken out of context.
          • For further study: Lights In the Sky & Little Green Men
        • E-mail Questions
          • Casey asks, "Did Satan [in the garden] appear in a physical form of a snake or was it like he spiritually possessed a snake or dragon, etc.?"
          • Linda asks, Were you on KCBI radio discussing your UFO book last week?
          • Markus from Finland asks, How do you interpret the word "made" in Genesis 1:16?
          • Sam asks, Can you recommend some resources for a college student studying evolution and creation?
          • Recommendations:

    Creation Update #158
    New Discoveries Reveal Oxygen-Poor Atmosphere of Early Earth
    Air-date: 1-28-2003
    Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana and Krista Bontrager

        • Discoveries Discussed
        • Sulfur isotopes reveal chemistry of early atmosphere
          • Uwe H. Wiechert, "Earth's Early Atmosphere," Science 298 (20 December 2002), 2341-42.
          • J. Farquhar et al., "Mass-Independent Sulfur of Inclusions in Diamond and Sulfur Recycling on Early Earth," Science 298 (20 December 2002), 2369-71.
          • Kirsten S. Habicht, "Calibration of Sulfate Levels in the Archean Ocean," Science 298 (20 December 2002), 2372-74.
          • For more about the methanogen model for the early earth see:
            • Alexander A. Pavlov, James F. Kasting, Jennifer L. Eigenbrode, Katherine H. Freeman, "Organic haze in Earth's early atmosphere: Source of low 13C Late Archean kerogens?" Geology v. 29, n. 11 (November 2001), 1003-1006.
        • New technique for discovering extrasolar planets (transit method)
          • R. Cowen, "Distant and Strange: Orb Isn't Just Another Planet," Science News 163 (January 18, 2003), 38.
        • Speed of Gravity Update
          • Robert Irion, "Confirmation of Gravity's Speed" Not So Fast, Science 299 (17 January 2003), 323-24.
        • Radioactive resistant bacteria and impact reseeding
          • Smadar Levin-Zaidman, "Ringlike Structure of the Deinococcus radiodurans Genome: A Key to Radioresistance" Science 299 (10 January 2003), 254-256.
        • Guest Interview: Dr. Rogier Windhorst, ASU astronomer (observational cosmology)
          • Haojing Yan, Rogier A. Windhorst, Seth H. Cohen, "Searching for z~6 Objects with the HST Advanced Camera for Surveys: Preliminary Analysis of a Deep Parallel Field," (abstract), submitted to Astrophysical Journal Letters (6 Dec 2002).
          • Haojing Yan et al., "A Simple Prediction of the Surface Density of Galaxies at z ~ 6," Astrophysical Journal 580 (December 1, 2002), 725-31.
        • E-mail questions
          • Karen asked: Isn't it impossible for a physical object to exceed the speed of light?
          • Larry wanted Fuz to comment on the supposed four-winged dinosaur discovery.
          • Henry Gee, "Fossil boosts trees-down start for flight," Nature 421 (23 January 2003).
          • X Xu, et al ., "Four-winged dinosaurs from China," Nature ,421 (23 January 2003), 335 -340.
          • Jeff from Tacoma, WA: If all humans were descended from Adam and Eve, then wouldn't there be just 4 alleles instead many?
        • Theology segment Sanctity of Life week
          • Fuz discussed ethics of "therapeutic" cloning; some cloning (xenotransplantation) may be beneficial, ethical
          • K. Samples discussed biblical basis for sanctity of human life, compared with "animal rights."
          • Carol J. Phelps et al., "Production of a1,3-Galactosyltransferase-Deficient Pigs," Science 299 (17 January 2003), 411-412.

    Creation Update #156
    Mapping Human History
    Air-date: 1-14-2003
    Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana and Krista Bontrager
    With special guest, Dr. Andrew Steinmann at Concordia University, IL.

        • Discoveries Discussed
          • Genetic unity of humanity
            • Mary-Claire King and Arno G.Motulsky, "Mapping Human History," Science 298 (December 20, 2002), 2342-2343.
            • Noah A Rosenberg, et al., "Genetic Structure of Human Populations," Science 298 (December 20, 2002), 2381-2385.
          • Population dynamics and genetic bottleneck
            • Gabor March, et al., "Sequence variations in the public human genome data reflect a bottlenecked population history," PNAS 100 (January 7, 2003), 376-381.
          • Measuring the speed of gravity -- Einstein was right!
            • John Whitfield, "Speed of gravity and light equal," Nature 420 (January 8, 2003), 763-771.
            • S. Kopeikin and E.B. Fomalont, "Measuring the speed of propagation of gravity," Abstract from the American Astronomical Society 201st meeting (January 2003).
          • Complications with mDNA dating methods
            • Dan Mishmar, et al., "Natural selection shaped regional mtDNA variation in humans," PNAS 100 (January 7, 2003), 171-176.
            • Lucy Forster, et al., "Natural radioactivity and human mitochondrial DNA mutations," PNAS 99 (October 15, 2002), 13950-13954.
        • Call-In Questions
          • Kenny from Milton, FL: Could mDNA be used to detect a genetic bottleneck at Noah's flood?
          • Rob in Northglen, CO: Is chirality the same for RNA, DNA and proteins?

    Creation Update Prime Time #4
    Air-date: 12-05-2002
    Origin-of-Life Researcher, Dr. Robert Shapiro
    Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana, Kenneth Samples, and Krista Bontrager
    Dr. Robert Shapiro, New York University

        • Hugh's guide to the best books on the origin-of-life:
        • Origins: A Skeptic's Guide to the Creation of Life on Earth, Robert Shapiro (out of print)
        • Information Theory and Molecular Biology, Hubert Yockey (out of print)
        • The Mystery of Life's Origin, Walter Bradley, Charles Thaxton
        • Coming in Fall 2003 - new origin of life book by Hugh Ross and Fuz Rana
        • Read Fuz Rana's paper on the origin of life: Origin of Life Predictions Face Off

    Creation Update PRIMETIME #3
    Interview with Young-Earth Astronomer, Dr. Danny Faulkner
    Air-date: 09-26-2002
    Hugh Ross, Dave Rogstad and Krista Bontrager

        • Resources Highlighted
          • The Genesis Debate, ed. David Hagopian
          • Comets, Kuiper belt and Oort Cloud
            • Brett Gladman, et al, “The Structure of the Kuiper Belt: Size Distribution and Radial Extent,” Astronomical Journal 122 (2001), 1051-1066.
            • P. Nurmi, M . J. Valtonen, J. Q. Zheng, and H. Rickman, “Long-Term Evolution of Oort Cloud Comets: Capture of Comets,” Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 333 (2002), 835-846.
            • Harold F. Levison, Luke Jones, and Martin J. Duncan, “The Origin of Halley-Type Comets: Probing the Inner Oort Cloud,” Astronomical Journal 121 (2001), 2253-2267.
            • S. Alan Stern and Paul R. Weissman, “Rapid Collisional Evolution of Comets During the Formation of the Oort Cloud,” Nature 409 (2001), 589-591.
            • J. Q. Zheng and M. J. Valtonen, “On the Probability That a Comet That Has Escaped from Another Solar System Will Collide with the Earth,” Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 304 (1999), 579-582.
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        • Call-in Questions
          • Kenny from Milton, FL: How do young-earth creationists come up with a range of dates for creation?
          • George from Pasadena, CA: Does Danny Faulkner hold to Russell Humphreys’s cosmology?
          • Joel from Phoenix, AZ: Why does the universe have to be so big?

    Creation Update PRIME TIME#2
    Air-date: 06-13-2002
    Hugh Ross, Kenneth Samples, Fuz Rana and Dave Rogstad
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    God, Darwin or Both?
    A Debate with Eugenie Scott, Hugh Ross and Duane Gish

    Creation Update Prime Time #1
    Young-Earth Creationism: Interview with Dr. John Mark Reynolds
    Air-date: 03-07-2002
    Dr. Hugh Ross, Dr. Fazale Rana and Krista Bontrager

      • Dr. Reynolds's book, Three Views of Creation and Evolution is currenly available through
      • Dr. Reynolds's paper about the "appearance of age" argument:
      • John Mark Reynolds, "Gosse and Omphalos: The Bible and Science," The Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Creationism (1994), 459-466.