Reasons to Believe

The star of Bethlehem, which inspired the wise men to seek out and worship the young Messiah, is an important element in the Nativity story, but one that is also shrouded in mystery. With such limited data (found only in the Bible) conclusions about the star can be tentative at best. Various theories presume this astronomical event was no ordinary star, but instead a comet, supernova, the conjunction of planets and stars, or even an occultation (the Moon passing in front of a planet). With careful thinking, the RTB scholars help unveil the mystery surrounding the Christmas star. The articles and videos below cover such topics as:

  •   The source of the Christmas “star”
  •   The identity of the wise men
  •   Reviewing Rick Larson’s The Star of Bethlehem documentary
  •   Theological thoughts on the Christmas star

Amid the speculation, what remains most spectacular about this story is the perseverance and hope of the wise men, led only by God’s divine direction, to bow down before the promised King.



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