Reasons to Believe


How remarkable that one of the world’s best and most celebrated fossil finds just happens to sit amid some of the world’s most spectacular mountain scenery! Ever since we set our eyes—and our feet—on this magnificent place, we’ve wanted to go back there with a group of friends. And now that wish can be fulfilled.

Our plan to is meet up in Calgary and travel by comfortable coach to Deer Lodge, just minutes from Lake Louise with its iconic Chateau and breathtaking view of Victoria Glacier. From there we’ll be within reach of our ultimate destination, the Burgess Shale Formation on the shoulder of Mount Stephen, recently designated a World Heritage Site. With the help of a geologist guide, we’ll climb (at a manageable pace) to the fossil field, still an area of active research, renowned for preserving a record of the Cambrian explosion of life more than 500 million years ago. You’ll be standing on fossils and holding them in your hands!

While we’re in the area, we’ll take in such highlights as Moraine Lake and the Valley of the Ten Peaks, plus Mount Norquay and Takakkaw Falls, the second highest waterfall in Canada, at 1,260 feet. Our evenings will be devoted to faith-enhancing lectures and discussion, led by my RTB colleague Dr. Fuz Rana and me (Hugh), focused on how Earth’s fossil record, a major chapter in the book of nature, integrates with God’s Word. You’ll have ample time for questions and interaction, both days and evenings.

We’re eager to have you join us August 25–30, 2013, for what promises to be an exciting, invigorating adventure. But please don’t wait long to make your reservation because space is tightly limited, and we’d love to have you with us.


Hugh and Kathy Ross

PS For those who want to take advantage of Calgary’s proximity to Drumheller, “the dinosaur capital of the world,” and its Royal Tyrell Museum, we’re planning a special one-day excursion just prior to our Burgess Shale trip.