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The Great Potential

RTB is currently able to reach nearly 2 million people per year with our message. We are grateful for this number, but we know that if the ministry is to play a significant role in advancing Christ's kingdom, it needs to multiply. We are ready for the next step forward, and through your help, we can achieve our vision of impacting at least 5 million people per year by 2015.

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Expansion to Meet the Need

We are prepared to join the conversation and spread new reasons to believe. By leveraging technology, we can take our message to many millions of people, meeting them right where they are on social media and video-sharing sites.
  • Facebook has over 955 million active users who spend an average of 6 hours and 35 minutes per month on the network.
  • Twitter has over 500 million registered users, sending over 177 million tweets on a daily basis.
  • YouTube has over 1 billion visitors watching 4 billion hours of video each month.
  • Watching a video is the most frequent from of participation.
  • Video is expected to account for 57% of consumer internet traffic by 2015, nearly four times as much as regular web browsing and email.
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    Maximizing Impact through
    technology and ministry space

    A soundstage and video studio will allow us to provide programming for syndicated television broadcasts and various social media platforms. Our new studio space will enable us to reach or even exceed our 2015 goal!

    Filming original content means we can respond quickly to headline news and world trends on science-and faith issues via social media.

    Leveraging raw footage means we can shape raw footage to fit the specifications of the various distribution channels we intend to engage in.

    Teaching classrooms position us to partner effectively with learning institutions across the nation and beyond, providing unique and valuable content.

    Podcasting and video podcasting place us in the mainstream of content-generating organization and today's interactive communications.

    Conference Center will provide new opportunities to hold our own events for youth, chapters, apologists, and other events that can be streamed across the country and world.

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    Reasons to Believe's Building

    Below are the architectural renderings of the first floor. These images are ministry areas that are almost all complete, but we also still need the funding to complete our second floor to set up our classroom, scholar offices, and other staff working spaces.
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    Join the Crew: Sponsorship Levels

    Reasons to Believe would like to honor donors who are supporting this ministry changing project by putting their names on our walls. To make a donation toward furthering RTB's ministry through this building's ministry space, you can go to and make a donation there. Please write "Building Fund" in the Special Notes field. You can also contact Hannah Palpant at or (855) REASONS.
    $100,000 Cosmic Champion  
    $50,000 Big Bang Benefactor  
    $25,000 Supernova Sponsor  
    $10,000 Galileo Giver  
    $5,000 Anthropic Principal  
    $2,500 Stellar Supporter  
    $1,000 Ministry Multiplier  

    Naming Opportunties

    In addition to the plaque above, if there is a particular area of ministry that you would like to contribute, RTB will put a plaque in your honor next to or within the ministry space.
    Building $2,000,000  
    Conference Center $1,000,000  
    Studio $650,000 (Donor confirmed)
    Classroom $150,000 (Donor confirmed)
    Lobby/Foyer $100,000 (Donor confirmed)
    President's office (Hugh) $75,000 (Donor confirmed)
    Senior Vice president's office (Kathy) $50,000 (Donor confirmed)
    Vice president of research &
    apologetics office (Fuz)
    $50,000 (Donor confirmed)
    RTB Scholars' offices
    (Ken, Jeff & Dave)
    $50,000 (each of 3) (Jeff's confirmed)
    Visiting Scholar's offices $25,000 (each of 3) (Donors confirmed-2)
    Green Room for Events $25,000 (Donor confirmed)
    Shipping and warehouse $20,000  
    Gazebo $15,000  
    Journal library $10,000 (Donor confirmed)
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