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Interview: “Understanding Christian End Times Teaching”

In January, I had the opportunity to discuss the always popular, frequently controversial topic of the end times on Issues, Etc. with host Todd Wilken, a Lutheran pastor and theologian. Our discussion lasted over an hour and included time for listener questions.

This interview about Christian eschatology teaching is likely different from what you’re used to hearing among many evangelicals. For example, here are five points that I touched on:

  1. Irresponsible approaches to eschatology create apologetics problems for the church.
  2. Excessive speculation about the end times and date setting for Christ’s second coming are unbiblical practices.
  3. When it comes to eschatology, believers should study the variety of views held amongst the church because Christendom has been divided over the topic for centuries.
  4. Given the debates over eschatology throughout church history and the difficulty of interpreting the Bible’s apocalyptic books, we should hold our views about the end times tentatively.
  5. Eschatology is one of the most divisive areas within Christian theology—therefore, there is a genuine need to treat believers who hold different views from ours with respect and charity.

You can listen to this interview at My book Christian Endgame: Careful Thinking About the End Times is available through Reasons to Believe.

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