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More on the Gay-Gene Debate

Many of you have said that a gay-gene discovery wouldn't matter; God still expects obedience to his laws in spite of our genetic makeup. You could argue on the basis of a “slippery slope” defense. That is, how far do we go in justifying objectionable behavior? Will we eventually pardon the alcoholic, the criminal, or the pedophile? Can we dig up Hitler's remains (assuming you can find any) and discover a Jew-hating gene in his DNA? However, here's another argument to contend with.

What if God has endowed a certain percentage of people with a genetic predisposition toward homosexuality in order to control population and to help keep families intact? (Yes, I'm being serious.)

Assuming that you accept the premise that global population has become a grave concern (not simply a matter of redistributing populations), could it be that from a Creator's perspective, one way to check runaway growth would be to instill a homosexual orientation in a certain percentage of people? Gays usually do not produce children, so perhaps the global population would increase at a greater rate without this predisposition in the gene pool. And maybe that Creator foresaw human civilization and technology and has introduced the gay genetic orientation in order to produce a partial workforce for certain jobs. That is, some occupations seem better suited for people without children. Many vital service operations and other careers require odd hours, lots of travel, and time spent away from home. Obviously, many single people can take those jobs and married people without children or with older children can as well. But could it be—again from a Creator's perspective—that given the number of careers in this difficult category, a certain percentage of homosexually oriented people might help alleviate the hardships on “average” families? Young children need parents around, but if you don't have kids you can be gone longer. If you buy any of this so far, then the sin in 1 Corinthians 6:9 becomes homosexual offenses and not homosexual orientation. The respected, widely used NIV speaks of “homosexual offenders” in the list of those who will not inherit the kingdom of God. What if the offenses are pederasty, rape, or male prostitution, and not homosexuality per se? When the apostle Paul says in 1 Corinthians 6:11 “And that is what some of you were” (emphasis added), was he speaking of homosexual offenses and not homosexuality? Here one might argue that “God gave you the orientation but he expects you to exercise self-restraint just like he expects of the heterosexual.” What do you think? After your responses we'll move on to another topic, but this one is huge and is not going away soon.

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