Reasons to Believe

RTB’s Building Fund is focused on people.

It’s about partnering with the people whose lives have been transformed by the Gospel and who point others to Christ.

It’s about using new technology and an effective ministry space to provide support and resources for people who are desperately seeking answers.

It’s about communicating a message that dispels fear of science-faith integration and influences a culture that engages with and values the people behind the questions.


RTB has seen tremendous growth in recent years due to God's provision through the generosity of people like you. Because of those who have partnered with our ministry, we have been able to reach 250% more people to date than just 3 years ago.

Still, there are many lives that have yet to be impacted by RTB’s unique message. Are you willing to take this message to the millions who are desperate to find the harmony between God’s world and His Word? Are you prepared to invite others to pursue tough questions and find a place of hope and engagement?

If we reach 5 million people with one reason to believe in our Creator, we are confident that we’d see a culture transform into one that seeks and knows the Truth.


As we set the foundation for RTB’s “Base Camp,” our focus remains on people. We can continue to build current partnerships and increase our ability to reach new audiences with the ministry’s message through specific funding for the following areas:

A soundstage and video studio will allow us to provide programming for various social media platforms, which could then lead to syndicated television broadcasts.

Filming original content means we can respond quickly to headline news and world trends on science-faith issues via social media.

Leveraging raw footage means we can shape footage to fit the specifications of the various distribution channels we intend to engage in.

Teaching classrooms position us to partner effectively with learning institutions across the nation and beyond, providing unique and valuable content.

Audio and video podcasting place us in the mainstream of content-generating organizations and today’s interactive communications.

Conference Center will provide new opportunities to hold our own events for youth, RTB chapters, the RTB apologist community, and more, and to stream these events across the country and world.