Reasons to Believe

Reasons to Believe would like to honor the donors who support the Building Fund and acknowledge our appreciation for your ministry-advancing gift. Donors who partner with us in reaching our Building Fund goal of $4.9 million with a $1,000 gift or more will have their name placed under the appropriate sponsorship level (see icons, below) on our Covina headquarters’ wall display.

To make a donation toward furthering RTB's ministry through this new building space, please visit Remember to type "Building Fund" in the Special Notes field/box so we can appropriately utilize your gift. You can also contact Ministry Advancement Director Hannah Palpant at or (855) REASONS should you have any questions.









In addition to the Building Fund wall display, there are further opportunities for donors to leave their “fingerprint” on other significant areas throughout the building. The following naming opportunities allow you to help grow RTB’s ministry in specific ways. In honor of your support, RTB will also highlight the impact of your gift with a plaque next to or within that particular space. This plaque can feature your name, family name, or foundation name.

Conference Center: Naming Opportunity Value $1,000,000

This space will be used for a variety of regular outreach events, including events to be streamed across the country in addition to national chapter, visiting scholar, and apologist gatherings. Technology is needed so that we can use this not only for local events, but so that our scholars’ time can be multiplied exponentially.

Board Room: Naming Opportunity Value $200,000

As the room’s name states, this space highlights the minds, strategy, and process behind advancing RTB to the next level. Our ministry has been blessed with a wonderful group of volunteer board members over the years who have given their time, advice, and expertise to furthering RTB’s impact. In addition to board meetings, this room hosts frequent leadership meetings, guests, and round table partnership discussions that have been vital for the growth of the organization.

Scholar Office: Naming Opportunity Value $50,000

RTB Scholars are a unique and rare find. They are experts in their field and have a vast knowledge of the Bible. Their character is just as impressive as their knowledge. They provide the content that is disseminated through books, video, articles, email, newsletters, and events. Not only are they creating new content, but they are also at the cutting edge of the latest journals and literature while integrating their expertise across the theology and different scientific fields. They are also adjunct faculty and recurring speakers at Christian colleges and seminaries.

Visiting Scholar Office: Naming Opportunity Value $25,000

RTB Visiting Scholars provide a great expertise and experience in collaboration with RTB scholars to create new content, videos and multiply efforts to connect science and faith in their field. Not only do they go back to their areas of influence and continue to build ministry opportunities, but they become a part of a resourceful team that we can continue to partner with to bring more people to faith in Christ.


If you’re ready to partner with RTB in our efforts to create an effective ministry space–with a goal of providing support and resources for the millions who are desperately seeking answers–will you consider joining us today?

Type Building Fund in the Special Notes field