Reasons to Believe

The Microbiome’s Role in Fighting Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

The media is calling it “an antibiotic apocalypse.” The threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is real and potentially catastrophic to human health. So what can be done to help stave off the apocalypse? In this clip from Scientifica, molecular biologist Anjeanette “AJ” Roberts discusses one possible solution.

God has provided us with a commensal microbiota that may actually help protect us from opportunistic antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

A recent review in the April 29, 2016 issue of Science highlights the importance of commensal bacteria and the potential for developing next generation probiotics that may help fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria as we learn more through metagenomic analysis of the gut microbiome. New research suggests that replenishing the commensal bacteria after antibiotic treatment may help fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The complex interactions that bacteria play in human health (not just in human disease) are remarkable. The more we learn about the normal bacterial flora of healthy human guts, the better we will be able to target specific interventions to promote and maintain human health. The more we learn about these interactions, the more we can benefit from God’s providential resources.