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Is the Universe Geocentric or Only Anthropocentric? Dr. Hugh Ross Debates Dr. Robert Sungenis on Up for Debate

You may have heard some buzz about the film The Principle, and this buzz is prompting people to ask RTB for our perspective, especially since this film seems to combine science and Christianity. We would certainly be pleased if it showed how ongoing cosmological research aligns with biblical statements about the universe, but instead it promotes a scientifically untenable position called geocentrism, the ancient notion that the entire universe revolves around planet Earth. While the film does feature some well-respected scientists, those same scientists, along with the film’s narrator, have reacted in anger to the finished movie, saying they were “ tricked” by the producer, Robert Sungenis, into participating. ( Moody Radio invited Dr. Ross to discuss the movie with Dr. Sungenis on Up for Debate. We invite you to listen to their Moody Radio interaction.

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Key words: design, geocentric, The Principle

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