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Zircon Crystals Confirm Continental Growth Spurts

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Studies of continental crustal growth using zircons confirm RTB’s interpretation of the Genesis chronology. RTB’s model holds that the creation account of Genesis 1 states that the bulk of continental growth occurs after the formation of a stable water cycle on Day two and before the introduction of land-dwelling plants on Day three. Analysis of different radioactive and stable isotopes in zircon crystals confirms that only two major periods of continental growth occurred 1.9 and 3.3 billion years ago. Both of these epochs nestle in between the formation of a stable water cycle over 3.5 billion years ago and the introduction of multicellular life forms 500 million years ago. Additionally, the ocean depth on Earth assures a long-standing, large amount of continental land, which enables a more diverse biosphere than a world covered in water. Taken together, these results point to the design of a supercaring Creator preparing a robust, healthy habitat capable of supporting a diverse biosphere.

o   A. I. S. Kemp et al., “Episodic Growth of the Gondwana Supercontinent from Hafnium and Oxygen Isotopes in Zircon,” Nature 439 (2006): 580-83.


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