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Yet Another Function for Water

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Earthquakes can be disastrous, but without certain design features they could be much worse. Research by two geophysicists explains water’s critical role in facilitating certain earthquakes, showing again how a superintelligent Designer has fashioned a planet exhibiting life-supporting characteristics. As a fault begins to slip, water in that fault quickly heats due to friction and lubricates the movement. So smaller movements are catalyzed to larger movements. By including the action of the water, laboratory measurements of fault movement reconciled with measurements from actual earthquakes. Without liquid water to catalyze motion, pressures would grow so high that far more catastrophic earthquakes would occur rather than the relatively benign ones experienced now. As scientists gain understanding of geological processes, the signature of a super-caring Creator on Earth shines brighter.

o   Christopher A. J. Wibberley and Toshihiko Shimamoto, “Earthquake Slip Weakening and Asperities Explained by Thermal Pressurization,” Nature 436 (2005): 689-92.


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