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Recent criticism of WMAP results affirming big bang cosmology motivated a NASA astronomer to reanalyze data from the WMAP satellite and the Far Infrared Absolute Spectrometer on the COBE satellite. The charge was that the big bang results from both instruments may in part be attributed to effects from the instruments themselves. The astronomer reported, “The consistency of these data from very different instruments with very different observing strategies provides compelling support for the interpretation that the signal seen by WMAP is temperature anisotropy of cosmological origin.” Therefore, the evidence from the WMAP results for supernatural design in the cosmic density parameters still stands. 

D. J. Fixsen, “The Spectrum of the Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy from the Combined COBE FIRAS and WMAP Observations,” Astrophysical Journal Letters, 594 (2003), pp. L67-L70.

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