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White-Dwarf Formation and Prediction

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Astronomers' observations of dim, dying stars in globular clusters confirm a recent prediction of RTB’s cosmic creation model pertaining to stellar evolution. When stars similar to the sun exhaust their nuclear fuel, they become objects called hot white dwarfs. These white dwarfs start very hot and cool down in a predictable way over time—becoming dimmer as they cool. When they cool below a few thousand degrees, the color of the white dwarf is predicted to change because of the formation of hydrogen molecules. Observations of a nearby dense cluster of stars detected the dimmest white dwarfs that exist in the cluster. The observations revealed the predicted color change at the expected temperature. Further, these dimmest white dwarfs can be used to precisely determine the age of the dense cluster (and consequently the universe). RTB scholars predict that this age determination will confirm the 13.7 billion-year age of the universe determined by other techniques.

o   Harvey B. Richer et al., “Probing the Faintest Stars in a Globular Star Cluster,” Science 313 (2006): 936-40.


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