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Water Photolysis

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Using an x-ray scanning microscope, a team of biochemists uncovered evidence for design when they successfully mapped the structure of the photosystem within a cyanobacterium (blue-green alga). In blue-green algae photosynthesis, light energy is exploited to drive the oxidation of water. The team discovered that the key to the mechanism that results in a controlled oxidation rate of water is a cubane-like cluster (atoms arranged to form corners of a cube) of metal compounds. This amazing and exquisite design of the water oxidation complex in the photosystem of cyanobacteria points to supernatural design.  

Kristina N. Ferreira, et al, “Architecture of the Photosynthetic Oxygen-Evolving Center,” Science, 303 (2004), pp. 1831-1838; A. W. Rutherford and A. Boussac, “Water Photolysis in Biology,” Science, 303 (2004), pp. 1282-1284.    

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