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Water on Vesta

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The discovery of evidence for ancient water in a meteorite from the asteroid Vesta (located in the inner solar system) increases the evidence for the supernatural design of the solar system so that advanced life on Earth would be possible. Astronomers found a quartz veinlet in the meteorite that demonstrates that liquid water must have been present on Vesta previous to 4.40 billion years ago. The only possible source of that water would be cometary delivery. Such delivery implies that comets must have distributed huge quantities of water (through collisions) to all the inner solar system bodies. Therefore, Earth would have required amazingly fine-tuned early collision events to remove the just-right amount of water from the planet so as not to inundate or dessicate future advanced life. Plus, any deviation from this fine-tuning would have disturbed Earth’s physical and atmospheric conditions enough to make advanced life impossible.

·         Allan H. Treiman, Antonio Lanzirotti, and Dimitrios Xirouchakis, “Ancient Water on Asteroid 4 Vesta: Evidence from a Quartz Veinlet in the Serra de Magé Eucrite Meteorite,” Earth and Planetary Science Letters 219 (2004): 189-99.


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