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Water Maser in Quasar is the Most Distant One Discovered

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The recent discovery of a water maser in a distant galaxy will strengthen the biblically predicted cosmic creation model. Accurate distance measurements comprise a critical component for any model of the formation and development of the universe. Using a technique developed over the last five years, astronomers can now use water masers in distant galaxies to make direct distance measurements that do not depend on any other calibration. Two American astronomers found a water maser in a quasar with a redshift 10 times greater than any previously discovered masers. A direct distance measurement to this quasar and others at similar redshifts would independently verify scientists’ understanding of the cosmic expansion and acceleration from the biblically predicted big bang creation event.  

o   Richard Barvainis and Robert Antonucci, “Extremely Luminous Water Vapor Emission from a Type 2 Quasar at Redshift z=0.66,” Astrophysical Journal 628 (2005): L89-L91.


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