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Viruses Play Critical Role in Oceanic Nutrient Cycling

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Recent research reveals the work of a supernatural Designer in the development and thriving of the oceanic nutrient cycle. While viruses are generally considered in a negative light, research over the past decade shows the critical role they play in cycling nutrients in the ocean and in determining how much carbon dioxide is extracted from the atmosphere. A review article by a UC Berkeley scientist describes how appreciation for viruses grows as scientists better understand the wealth of viral activity and diversity. For example, after prokaryotes, viruses constitute the most abundant biological entity in the world’s oceans. Further, viral abundance correlates with bacterial abundance. One result of this correlation is that viral activity catalyzes the breakdown of particulate nutrients to usable, dissolved nutrients that can be incorporated into microbial communities. Thus, even much-maligned viruses are beginning to reveal the intricate work of a super-caring Creator in crafting a habitat where life can thrive. 

o   Curtis A. Suttle, “Viruses in the Sea,” Nature 437 (2005): 356-61.


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