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Vela Pulsar Distance

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Astronomers have uncovered a possible validation of a feature of early human history in RTB’s human origins model, which states that radiation from the Vela supernova may help account for shortened life spans described in Genesis. Using very long baseline interferometry, they have measured for the first time an accurate distance to the Vela pulsar (remnant of the supernova), namely 936 light years. This puts the Vela supernova at the right distance and time to help explain the life-shortening event described in Genesis 6:3.

R. Dodson, et al, “The Vela Pulsar’s Proper Motion and Parallax Derived from VLBI Observations,” Astrophysical Journal, 596 (2003), pp. 1137-1141.

RTB article: Facts for Faith article on long human life spans

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