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Further Validation of E=mc2

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A team of international physicists has provided further confirmation of the best-known prediction of the theory of relativity, thereby strengthening RTB’s cosmic creation model. Arguably the most well-known aspect of Einstein’s theory of relativity is the equation E=mc2. Recent measurements of gamma-ray decays of sulfur and silicon isotopes show that the relationship between energy and mass holds to a level of 0.00004%, which is 55 times more accurate than previous tests. Few, if any, scientists expect this well-known equation to be proven incorrect, but confidence in the theory of relativity (upon which RTB’s cosmic creation model is based) grows with each affirmation of its validity.

o   Simon Rainville et al., “World Year of Physics: A Direct Test of E = mc2,” Nature 438 (2005): 1096-97.


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