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Using Chemical Signatures to Determine Star Formation Sites

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Astronomers continue to develop a new tool that can test for supernatural fine-tuning by determining the location where stars were born. Using high-resolution spectra of stars in the Hyades open cluster, astronomers were able to determine that the stars in the cluster had a high degree of chemical homogeneity. If this result holds for all open clusters, as one would expect, then it is possible to tag stars as being formed in the same cluster—even after the cluster has dispersed. It would potentially be possible to find stars that were part of the cluster from which the sun was born. If so, astronomers would be able to confirm or falsify the proposition that our solar system is fine-tuned by a supernatural Creator to support life. 

o   G. M. De Silva et al., “Chemical Homogeneity in the Hyades,” Astronomical Journal 131 (2006): 455-60.


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