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Universe May Be Ellipsoidal

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·        Detailed measurements of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation may reveal more design in the universe. In order to explain one anomaly in the shape of the CMB spectrum, a team of scientists proposed that the universe did not expand as a sphere, but instead expanded as a slightly elongated ellipsoid. Such elongation could have resulted from a primordial magnetic field or from cosmic defects known as strings. If this explanation proves correct, RTB’s creation model expects that further research into the causes of the ellipticity will reveal even more design in the early universe to ensure its continued habitability. 

o       L. Campanelli, P. Cea, and L. Tedesco, “Ellipsoidal Universe Can Solve the Cosmic Microwave Background Quadrupole Problem,” Physical Review Letters 97 (2006): 131302.


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