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Universe Dominated by Dark “Stuff”

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Analysis of correlations between galaxy clustering and cosmic microwave background fluctuations further buttresses RTB’s cosmic creation model. RTB’s model predicts that dark energy comprises a major part of the universe. A team of European astronomers looked at correlations that occurred at many different times in the history of the universe. By looking at different timescales, the significance of the correlations grows much stronger. The data independently confirm the presence of dark energy, and dark matter at levels matching measurement derived from other experiments. Further, the data also indicate the dark energy is constant, further supporting the fine-tuning required by a cosmological constant. The validation of predictions and confirmation of previous results testify to the scientific integrity of RTB’s cosmic creation model.  

o   Enrique Gaztañaga, Mark Manera and Tuomas Multamäki, “New Light on Dark Cosmos,” MNRAS 365 (2006): 171-77.


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